1999 Pontiac Montana 3.4 from North America


Not worth a tank of gas


Replaced the engine at 39050 miles.

Replaced the Alternator.

Replaced the air compressor.

Replaced the computer because the ABS light wouldn't go away.

Replaced some sensor because the turn signal stop working.

The horn does not work and the dealer does not know why.

The power locks don't work. Dealer actually had the nerve to ask me if I really wanted to pay what it would cost for him to figure it out. Of course he advised trading it in for a new Pontiac.

The air compressor on the back of the vehicle never stops. As long as the car is on the compressor is running.

General Comments:

This vehicle has been nothing, but a money pit. At 37000 miles (of course 1000 after warranty expired) it started leaking anti freeze. The mechanic informed me that this is a know issue with that engine an to make sure to not let it go low on anti freeze. He also mention that the repair would be $975.00 It was kind of sad because he informed me that the part was actually $12.00 the rest was labor. So I go on vacation with my family and on the way back from vacation at about 70 miles per hour in the middle of a very busy expressway the engine blew up. At this time it had 39050 miles. I will never forget that number. Now there I am in the middle of nowhere south of Montgomery Alabama at night stranded with a car full of kids.

The GM dealer after a couple of days informed me that I would need a new engine at the cost of $6000.00 I asked if GM would assist with some of that being so close to the end of the warranty and I was quickly informed that GM was not responsible for any of the damages. Out of pride I took the van to a independent mechanic and he showed me the problem. There was about half a gallon of anti freeze in the engine mixed with the oil. This was caused by a faulty gasket. Now by looking around in the internet I could see that I am not the only victim of GM's poor product. Please let me know when a class action law suit is launch against this company. Every company is going to have problem sooner or later. It is what they do and how they choose to treat their customer that separates them from the rest. In my opinion GM has done everything within their power to kick customer away. By the way, now this van has 87000 miles and every month It has something else go wrong especially electrical. Today out of the blue it decided not to start. Who knows what is wrong this time. I was on my way to trade it in for a new Honda Pilot. Now I have to throw more money at this night mare.

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Review Date: 29th June, 2007

1999 Pontiac Montana EXT 3.4L from North America


Started leaking gas BAD! Took it to dealer, the high pressure fuel line is leaking. $700 estimate, $300-400 in parts, $300 in labor. All day job for one fuel line. Parts on national backorder for at least 2 weeks... oh what fun!!!

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Review Date: 8th February, 2007

1999 Pontiac Montana from North America


Frankly, I'm overwhelmed with the electrical problems


Intake manifold gasket cracked at 99,000 miles.

Engine locked up - had to get new long block at 108,000 miles.

Interior lights flash now and then.

Sometimes passenger window will work, sometimes it won't.

Radio display never works right.

Squeak/rattle/whine noise on drivers side somewhere - people can hear it, but no one can figure out where it's coming from.

Passenger sliding door won't automatically work - have had to work it manually for over 9 months.

TCS button pops on for no reason and airbag light comes on intermittently - mechanic says no problem with either.

General Comments:

At first I loved this car - it drives like a dream - relatively quiet interior - great gas mileage - very great turning radius - and awesome power whether leaving a stop sign or driving 12 hours on the interstate.

But the electrical problems and the engine "locking up tight" with no warning at 108,000 miles is very disturbing - I'm a divorced mom of three kids and can't afford to be stranded like this.

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Review Date: 31st August, 2006

31st Aug 2006, 14:57

It sounds to me like a classic lack of simple preventative maintenance. Cars will not last forever if you do not maintain them with genuine GM parts.

5th Sep 2006, 13:34

Electrical problems started to show up in my new 1990 Transport after 80,000 miles. This car was maintained per the book. Regular oil changes were at 3k miles. Overall it was a great vehicle.

I purchased it because of the long nose, the different look, who wants the same old box everyone else is driving? not me! The blower motor was replaced. Then two motors in the drivers side window. The radio went out around 100K, but the cassette tape still works.

This was kept as a third emergency vehicle. Only drive it in a pinch now no A/C no drivers window motor no radio, but 175 K miles and the motor and transmission are still great.

My point is Pontiac has known about the less than average performance of its electrical systems in these vehicles.

9/5/06 and I am working a deal for a 1998 Montana... yes it had new manifold gasket put in last year at 100k miles and some minor electrical problems. it was my Mother In Laws van so I know its history. It has 120 K on it so I will sell old van or give it away and use this 1998 for a back up vehicle. END.