1999 Pontiac Montana Ext 3.4 from North America


Best value around, even given the normal problems with this model


The usual valve cover lower gaskets required replacement. Other than that, only maintenance items have been required (tires, shocks, etc).

General Comments:

Purchased 3 years ago. It was and is, faster than its competitors, more efficient (than all, but 2004+ toyotas minivans...) and significantly higher value than any other minivan on the market... even after you consider the problems that are normal on this model.

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Review Date: 9th April, 2005

1999 Pontiac Montana LX from North America


I'm disappointed in an otherwise great vehicle


At 70,000 miles the van began to have many problems. In the last 2 months I have had the transmission rebuilt, the water pump replaced and there was a crack in the intake manifold. These repairs took a lot of time and money. If I had not purchased an extended warranty I would not be able to afford this car. My suggestion is get an extended warranty on this one. I am hoping that my problems are now over as my warranty will be soon.

General Comments:

This has been a great van for the family. I was very surprised by the sudden onslaught of problems. I love the way that it drives, its gas mileage, configuration of seats and the ease of getting multiple people in and out. I do not want to replace it, but will if the problems continue after the warranty expires. I have hopes that my problems are over because it truly is a really nice van.

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Review Date: 19th October, 2004

1999 Pontiac Montana Van 3.4 liter V6 from North America


Bad transmission, beware could be a financial nightmare


Tranmission went bad about 100 miles after purchasing the vehicle.

General Comments:

I traded in my 1999 Chevy Astro for a 1999 Pontiac Montana. The Montana I liked because it had dual sliding doors unlike the Astro (easy for piling the kids in and out). The Pontiac Montana was very nice looking and in perfect condition.

The Montana was located at a local dealer in my area and it looked like such a nice van I took it for a test drive. The van drove very nice and very smooth. It had great pick up and all the toys. I worked out a nice deal with trading in my Astro van. I told the dealer that I would like my mechanic to look at the Montana van before I closed the deal, the dealer agreed.

My mechanic said the Montana passed an inspection and everything looked good except the transmission fluid looked dirty. I asked the dealer if they would change the transmission fluid and change the filter, they agreed and I purchased the Montana.

As I drove the Montana home I heard a loud whistle noise coming from the engine area and the transmission started to make a clank clank noise. I turned around and took the Montana back to the dealer. I was worried because I did not buy the extended warranty and I was now the owner of the Montana. The dealer looked at the transmission in the shop and saw that the transmission was bad and needed to be rebuilt. The dealer was nice and gave me the option to give me back my Astro, fix the Montana transmission at there expense, or pick a different vehicle on the lot. I took back my reliable Astro (may only have one door, but it sure is reliable). I would not recommend the Montana to any person., after reading some of the other reviews people had it sounds like the Montana was built poorly and is not a reliable vehicle.

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Review Date: 13th October, 2004

25th Jun 2007, 11:28

It is real bad car.

12th Nov 2008, 21:58

The Astro has a more rock solid engine, and trans. It was built on a truck platform. The only gripe I have about the Astro's is the rear differential's should of been built a little better.

1999 Pontiac Montana from North America


This van needs to be inspected to make sure the parts that are defective are replaced


My air ride suspension pump went so I replaced it. It was very expensive. One year and 10 days later it went again.

Dealer told me there was no warranty.

The brakes had to be replaced. One year later they had to be replaced again.

Rear window washer motor went.

Back window in the van exploded for no apparent reason, sending glass flying every where.

General Comments:

I was very happy with my Montana. The ride is very comfortable. There is lots of room for the children. It just seems that after around 60,000 km, the van starts to fall apart. Repairing is a very expensive tasks for these vans.

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Review Date: 10th October, 2004