1999 Pontiac Montana Extended 3.4 V6 from North America


I was happy in the beginning, but now would never buy another


I have a 1999, Pontiac Montana, Extended Base. I Like the way it runs, when it runs. It has good power and pickup, great cargo capacity, a nice smooth ride, and a solid feel.

However, it sounds like I have had the same problem that most other GM vehicles have had.

At 74,000 miles I started noticing the coolant light going off and on intermittently and I was loosing coolant, but could not tell where as there was no visible leak. One morning there was a puddle of coolant under the van so I took it to the mechanic to find the intake manifold gasket went out. I had purchased an extended warranty so it was repaired at almost no cost to me... the first time.

About 2 years and 40,000 miles later the gasket began to leak again. This time, no warranty and I paid $800 to get it fixed.

The mechanic that repaired it the second time said that it is a very well known issue and that he repairs a minimum of one a week and that mine was the third this week... and it was only Wednesday! This seems like a rather high number of this type of repairs for just one shop to be seeing.

To have this many reports of this problem, you would think GM would do something about a recall, but I've found nothing except further complaints of the same and similar issues.

I now am beginning to experience the dreaded hard shifting from the transmission intermittently and am dreading the repair cost.

General Comments:

I am currently trying to sell my Montana and purchase a new vehicle which will, hopefully, have fewer problems. I have made the decision that I will not ever purchase another GM vehicle until I hear reports that they've improved their vehicles.

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Review Date: 26th August, 2004

30th Sep 2004, 08:48

I too have a 1999 Montana and have exp. all the same problems. At 56,000 I exp. "hard shifting" and put in a new transmission that cost $ 2,500.00. This was in March of 2004. Last week, Sept 2004, I had the intake manifold and gaskets replaced as the antifreeze was leaking into the oil/engine?? I was also told by my repair man that the gaskets have a 100% failure rate and this was a very common repair among these vehicles. The cost to me was $ 600.00. Today, Sept 30, 2004 I dropped both my children off at school, after dropping the first one off, my car restarted, but it was a bit odd sounding, I dropped the second child off and returned to a completly dead car. My van is being towed to my mechanic. He believes it is the battery, starter, or alternator, possilbe all three. I find this very frustrating as the van has so little miles. I am very upset with this vehicle and am sorry to say would never purchase from Pontiac again.

1999 Pontiac Montana 3.4 Liter 3.4 SFI from North America


So far so good but fearing the worst


Passenger side window would not go down one time, but have not had a problem since.

Rear door pull down handle broke after about 3 years.

Hood hold up rod holder snapped so now the rod rattles while driving. Simple to replace.

Drivers side window does not go down all the way except if the window is wet with rain.

Intake Manifold gaskets leaked at 32000, costing $700 to repair

Transmission is now intermittently whining and banging into gear at 35000.

General Comments:

I am not unhappy with this vehicle yet but I expect bigger problems to arise so I am no longer comfortable owning this vehicle. I have no intentions of selling it so if the transmission does go, I'll go to the transmission place that gives a life time warranty. You pay more, but you never have to pay again. When I bought this vehicle, I was expecting it to last for 20 years or more. Now I have my doubts.

GM paid for half of the intake manifold repair since it was under 35,000 miles when it happened but outside the warranty.

It has absolutely no resale value, so it's either keep it and keep on fixing it or junk it or sell it for parts.

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Review Date: 24th August, 2004