1999 Pontiac Montana from North America


Wish my ex-wife had taken it in the divorce!


It seems that every single thing others have listed, I have problems with.

Transmission replaced at 40,000.

Engine coolant light from the first day.

All gaskets replaced 60,000.

Air-bag lights on most of the time, short in passenger seat belt.

Traction Control light one, housing replaced at about 50,000.

Volume control on radio does not work, have to use control on steering column.

Auto side door re-opens when it is shut.

72,000 scheduled to get third transmission next week.

General Comments:

I bought it from a dealer in another town and my local dealer has been very willing to honor the 75,000 mile extended warranty! I will never by from out of town again and will never get another Pontiac!

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Review Date: 27th February, 2004

1999 Pontiac Montana SE Pass Ext 3.4L 6 cylinder Gasoline from North America


A reliabilility disapointment


New: Air Conditioning not cooling, repaired leaking hose assembly.

1751 Miles: Sliding door stopped working, rubber molding coming loose, air bag light stays on - fixed under warranty. (Currently another air bag light problem we have not fixed due to cost.)

16,000 miles: Air bag light problem was drivers side seat belt deployment loop shorted. Warranty covered.

25,000 miles: Air bag light - replaced connector terminals $41.

34,493 miles: Sliding door actuator recall repaired no charge.

35,935 miles: Air Conditioner compressor replaced under warranty.

35,935 miles: Coolant level sensor replaced.

36,633 miles: Rear AC expansion valve replaced.

43,636 miles: Oil leak - Intake gasket replaced.

43636 miles: Air bag light on at times - Passenger side seat air bag shorted. Not fixed - $200 module needed.

60,000 or so: New alternator.

75,500: Last week, Cam shaft broke, replacing engine. (not under warranty.)

Abrupt up-shifting transmission when accelerating. May be a linkage adjustment needed.

Broken cup holders,

Radio/cd volume knob poor response, goes up in vol instead of down for a turn or so.

General Comments:

Disapointed with engine reliability, otherwise OK comfort and ride. Will not get another.

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Review Date: 15th January, 2004

1999 Pontiac Montana extended 3.4 from North America


Buyer beware


Replaced intake manifold gasket.

Head gasket leaks, haven't replaced yet.

Replaced radio / compact disc player after it quit playing.

Replaced back window after it exploded for no reason.

Repaired leak in transmission cooling line.

Repaired leak in brake lines.

General Comments:

Myself & family have always bought GM vehicles & I thought I would continue to for the rest of my life, but this vehicle has me thinking differently.

We have had more problems with this single vehicle than I have with all others we have had put together.

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Review Date: 18th December, 2003

13th Apr 2004, 17:26

I have to agree. In 2001 I purchased a new Pontiac Montana. At 40 miles my brake lights went out, the car began intermittently honking on its own. Traction control light stayed on, and fuses blew. Radiator leaked and was replaced at 15,000 miles. Windshield leaked and was replaced. At 30,000 the transmission blew and was replaced. Keep in mind, my wife drives this vehicle. She only takes the kids to school, store etc. Two weeks after the transmission was replaced, (by the way, the dealer told me my warranty expired 5 days after the transmission blew and informed me that it was not covered under warranty) it began leaking pink fluid. I was informed it was the intake manifold. All this on a vehicle with 30,000 miles. Yes, this has been the worst vehicle that I have ever owned.

1999 Pontiac Montana Extended from North America


A good deal if you're a gambling man


When I first got the car at 23,000, I had to have the dealership re-pad the front bucket seats.

At 24,000 miles I had to replace a broken double cup holder.

At about 40,000 miles I replaced the trunk closing handle (the plastic loop you grip onto to close your trunk).

At around 40,000 miles the coolant light came on. I added coolant and the light went off. A couple weeks later the light came back on. I added more coolant and the light eventually goes off. Then I started checking coolant at least every week or two and filling if needed. The light never has came back on. I would suggest keeping up on this as there is a problem no doubt about it. My van has never over heated, but, I have smelled antifreeze coming through the heater vents.

At about 45,000 miles I replace the 3 front spark plugs, the back 3 are too tough for me to get to. I replaced because it seemed to crank a little to long to start, and I was bored. This actually helped (in my opinion) the van start better.

General Comments:

I really cannot complain about this van. My wife and I have four children and we all are seated comfortably. The van has always started, never stalled and is nice and quiet.

Reading a lot of reviews, I'm grateful the machine I paid $14,500 dollars for a year ago has not had many problems (nor in my opinion should have). Knowing I probably own the only 1999 Montana Ext. Minivan Pontiac that didn't screw up (too badly) I'm taking my precautions. I'm keeping the antifreeze filled regularly, but it's taking 3-4 gallons (unmixed) antifreeze a year.

My next purchase I suppose will be a bigger transmission pan to allow better cooling. I feel so bad for all the people that have had their van overheat because of this cooling problem. I'm just lucky so far.

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Review Date: 20th November, 2003

20th Jan 2004, 19:45

Unfortunately, almost all of them start out this way. Some drivers just aren't as diligent as you at keeping up with the coolant loss. Eventually, the coolant loss will increase and seepage into the crankcase will degrade lubrication etc. No matter how often you change oil and add coolant, you can only prolong the inevitable and it will destroy the engine. The next symptom will usually be increasing valve tapping and overall engine noise etc... Mine lasted over a year by doing the same thing you are doing and then my luck ran out. I'm told replacing the leaking gaskets in the very early stages, may save the engine, but is not cheap. Best of luck and thanks for sharing your experience.