1999 Pontiac Montana Trans Sport 6 cylinder from North America


Nice riding vehicle for a family of 6


Interior lights flicker off and on whenever the keys are in the ignition.

Airbag lights comes on and stays on.

Door chimes chime intermittently when the keys are in the ignition and the door is open.

Front cup holder broken.

Display on radio works erratically.

General Comments:

With regards to the flickering lights and door chimes, the dealership has never been able to find the problem. Even though the van is out of warranty now, they recently replaced the module that controls the chimes and lights.

The airbag light has been coming on since we purchased the vehicle. The dealership has clean the connectors and replaced both front seatbelt latches.

The radio has now been replaced twice.

I just got my van back today so I'll have to drive it awhile and see if the problems reoccur. I have taken it in over a dozen times to repair the lights and airbag problems. Each time, the problem is resolved for a few weeks.

The dealership was not eager to take care of the repairs this time due to the vehicle being out of warranty, however, they have agreed to fix all the problems until they are resolved to my satisfaction.

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Review Date: 9th October, 2002

1999 Pontiac Montana from North America


What can go wrong next?


The first thing to go wrong was with my "self sealing tires" I had the van less than a week when I ran over a bolt. The van came equipped with General self sealing tires. Needless to say they did not seal. I took the van into the dealership and was told tires were not covered under the GM warranty, but the tire warranty and it would take 2 weeks to get them. I complained all the way up through the dealership and then through Pontiac in Michigan to no avail. They refused to do anything to help me. Two weeks later I finally got the tire replaced. Should have been a warning of things to come.

Next at about 38K the transmission went out. Of course this is out of warranty and the cost for a new transmission would be almost $3,000. I complained to Pontiac again in Michigan and after all kinds of threats and emails they agreed to pay for 25% of the cost. 25%!!! For a car that was 2000 miles out of warranty!!?? This story had a happy ending however, as the dealership, a Chevy dealer not a Pontiac one (the Pontiac one continued to be non-responsive to any of my concerns) agreed to cover the cost for the new one.

I also have the warning lights coming on and off, the airbag lights coming on and off, the radio volume gets louder when I turn it down and visa versa and the LED on the radio no longer works.

Needless to say I will never own another Pontiac even thought my last van before the 1999 Montana, is a 1994 Transport that I have over 200k miles with very few problems. Pontiac refuses to stand behind the quality of their vehicles!

General Comments:

Van looks and handles nice, but it is a nightmare as far as repair and problems.

Pontiac does not stand behind their vehicle quality!! I will never again own one!!

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Review Date: 3rd October, 2002

1999 Pontiac Montana from North America


High cost nightmare!


I have had nothing but electrical problems from the start with this van.

It started off with the Pass Key III keys. They weren't program correctly. (at least that's what I was told after the dealership had my car for over a day)

Then some dashboard lights kept coming on and off, until they stayed on. Dealer fixed a lose wire.

Now my electric mirrors only go in one direction and seem to move on there own.

I am also having another Pass Key III issue. This time the module is broke and will cost around $500 to fix. (Apparently this causes dashboard lights to come on. Now that my warranty is up they can't fix it with the lose wire method)

General Comments:

This van is not worth the money I paid for it. I will never buy one again. Nor will I ever buy a Pontiac product in the future.

The only thing nice about this van is the way it looks.

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Review Date: 25th July, 2002