6th Jun 2007, 20:36

I bought my 1984 Parisianne about a year and a half ago and the only thing I have had to do is get a new radiator and alternator. Mine has well over 200,000 miles on it and it stills runs like it did the first day I got it. I also live in Colorado and we had real bad snow storms this year and it did OK in it. With regular oil changes and a K&R Air filter my car is my favorite thing I own and I would never sell it. Plus it is my first car!!! I Love her I named her Ella after Ella Fitzgerald cause she is a classic and she is so smooth.

Big Mike.

15th Nov 2007, 20:59

I just bought a Parisienne for $2000, that might seem a lot for a 1984 but it only had 70,000 miles and the body had no rust on it. It is built like a tank and I love driving it.

10th Dec 2007, 02:06

We acquired this great car from a great man who passed away a year ago. He had a system, but got stolen out of his car. The car had flow master dual exhaust headers, but that too was stolen when we retrieved it. The rest of the car is still good and runs great and very comfortable ride. It feels safe like a tank. All it needs now is a new alternator and stereo system!

7th Jun 2008, 00:02

I also own an 84 Parisienne and I absolutely love the car. The only things I've had to replace were the radiator, the idle stove (allows the car to idle properly), and belts and hoses. I've only had it for a year and it is absolutely wonderful.

There were only 65,000 miles on the car when I got it which was unbelieveable. I've put another 1,500 on it and it still runs great.

The vinyl top is still in factory condition with no rips or tears.

The paint has its dents, scratches, and rust spots like every other 24 year old car.

I love this car and it will run forever!