1980 Pontiac Phoenix 2.5L 4 cylinder. from North America


Excellent vehicle, would buy again


Blown head gasket at 125,000 miles.

General Comments:

Despite publicized problems with the X Body cars, this Pontiac Phoenix was an excellent family car. With the 4 speed manual transmission, we consistently got 30 miles per gallon overall on regular grade gasoline. That kind of fuel mileage for a roomy car is still hard to find 28 years later.

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Review Date: 29th January, 2009

1st Jul 2021, 17:42

Oh my god I had one of these cars... 1981 2.5 litre with 4 speed manual. Bought it brand new in February 1982.

At around 15000 km I could hear a grinding noise from the transaxle in second gear when going around a corner. Took it to the dealer where they test drove it and agreed it wasn’t right. It needed a transaxle rebuild as it was missing a snap ring... turned out second gear was binding against reverse.

Constant power steering failure as the o-rings in the steel lines kept failing and all the fluid would leak out. Solution was to make a new line myself and use a flairing tool to properly seal the connection.

Plastic gear inside the cabin to operate the clutch pedal broke.

Rear brakes had a tendency to lock up.

Paint peeled off in spots revealing rusty metal.

Could have been a nice car, but overall quality was very poor.

2nd Jul 2021, 19:21

I rented a V8 and liked it. A long time ago now.

3rd Jul 2021, 20:05

A V8 FWD Phoenix? Nope.

4th Jul 2021, 02:37

These cars only came with a V6 and a 4 cylinder.

4th Jul 2021, 03:23

It was the previous generation with the V8.

4th Jul 2021, 18:51

Yeah the Phoenix model was rear drive with an optional V8 305 or 350, both Chevrolet built from 1977 - 1979. Really has nothing to do with the car on review on a totally different platform.

1979 Pontiac Phoenix 5.0 from North America


A reliable, peppy car on the cheap


The electrical system. It always gave me a problem with blown fuses or burned out wiring.

General Comments:

This car was peppy and handled OK. Not much body roll, although if pushed hard into the corners it plowed.

Although the trunk was huge and the cabin was fairly roomy.

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Review Date: 28th April, 2008

1980 Pontiac Phoenix 2.5 liter L4 from North America


One Word: Superior!



General Comments:

This car is also one of the GM X-Cars Chevrolet Citation, Pontiac Phoenix, Buick Skylark, and the Oldsmobile Omega.

This car was a two door with no hatchback. It was waxed every year and was a very good car, but it got into an accident with a slippery road and was smashed up. Pity... It was a good car.

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Review Date: 31st January, 2003