2007 Pontiac Solstice 2.4 Ecotec from North America


Fun and style in a beautiful package


Nothing, apart from AC sometimes fluctuating in temperature.

General Comments:

This car is an absolute joy to drive. Yes, I realize it's not a true sports car or performance vehicle with the 2.4 liter engine, but that doesn't concern me, or even come into play that often. Every time I get in it, and I'm not exaggerating, it puts a smile on my face.

Mine is dark gray with the solid black leather interior. It's loaded with all the options for 2007. I may be biased, but I think it's one of the sexiest cars on the road, and is quite unique compared to everything else that is putting around. I've gotten compliments from little kids yelling and giving thumbs up, to a group of screaming college girls (that was nice), to a 90 year old guy asking about it in a voice I could barely understand. Now on to the nitty gritty...

It could use more power. I didn't get the GXP because it was $5K more - money I didn't feel like spending at the time. That being said, it can easily be supercharged for that same amount of money. So that's always an option somewhere down the road. However, the power it has is generally sufficient, and has probably kept me from wrapping it around a tree so far. I would not describe it as "fast", but it is a quick car. With the manual, you can always downshift, blip the throttle, and accelerate with ease.

The steering feel is excellent. So excellent, that I drove my friend's Porsche Boxster and preferred the steering feel of the Solstice. It absolutely is glued to the road on rails, and you can break the tail loose at will with dabs of throttle. The stock Goodyear Eagle all weather tires are garbage, however.

The manual is a little "agricultural" feeling - somewhat stiff and a little clunky. Not terrible though. I guess that's to be expected, since it's also used in the Hummer. The clutch is nice and light with great feel.

Road noise is not excessive. With the top up, I have plenty of headroom, and I'm 6'2". I would say that this is pretty much the maximum height an owner should be though. I have the seat pushed all the way back, and it's difficult to heel-toe without my knee hitting the steering wheel. The interior is a little tight, but I don't feel cramped. Ergonomically, it's nice but not perfect. I can't reach the power window switch with my left arm without hitting my elbow, so I have to reach across my body with my right arm. I do appreciate the simplicity of the three knobs for HVAC controls.

Also, the radio is simple and intuitive. Buttons on the wheel are small, but I rarely use them, because the stereo is easily within reach. And what a stereo! I have the upgraded Monsoon system, which absolutely pumps the subwoofer behind the passenger seat. High end is crisp and clear as well (and I'm a musician, so this was paramount).

People gripe about the cupholders - sigh... I remember a time when people could get in their cars and drive for half an hour without feeling the need to simultaneously chug a Big Gulp or latte. I don't get in the Solstice to rehydrate - I get in it to DRIVE. Plus, I don't allow eating or drinking in it anyways!

People have also griped about the convertible top, and how "awkward" it is. These people are Communists. I can put the top up or down in 10 seconds. Yes, I have to get out of the car to do it - oh, the horror. We as a nation are truly getting soft. And yes, there isn't much trunk space with the top up or down, but there IS usable space. I could easily pack bags for a weekend for two with the top down.

Can't think of much else to say, other than GET ONE. I got mine with 1800 miles on the odometer for $15,500. It still had the original window sticker, which was $26,000. So that's a deal. I anticipate owning it forever - I really do.

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Review Date: 24th June, 2011

19th Nov 2011, 22:05

Sorry, IMO the Solstice's top operation is a bad design - and no, I am not a Communist.

18th Oct 2012, 08:15

I purchased a 2008 GXP automatic 17 months ago with 20,000 miles. Original sticker was in the glovebox for $38k; I paid $19,500 in June 2011. I must say that the convertible top is great. The car's rear end is 2 steps away, the top is up or down in 10 seconds, couldn't be easier! I love the body style, the opposite opening trunk and hood, this car's not going out of style, and now they don't make them any more, so I expect its value to increase in the future.

This car is outright sexy! Everybody loves it. I bought it because I like it, not for anyone else or to show off. But, I must say I quickly discovered that everywhere I go, this car not only gets looks, but thumbs up, hoots and hollers, and great comments from little kids to senior citizens. I like unique, and there aren't very many Solstice's around.

The turbo charged engine gives it plenty of power and lots of zip! Although I don't care about racing other cars, this car has everything I need. I average 28 MPG city, great stereo, easy to operate dash controls, and it even tells me my individual tire pressure.

I drive a double trailer fuel tanker semi-truck, weighing approx. 123,000 lbs. so I'm shifting gears all day. I love relaxing with the automatic, plenty of power and gusto. When I get off work, I climb into my little car, put the top down, sit back in the comfortable leather seats, turn on some good music and I have fun!! I live next to the Rocky Mountains. This car is perfect for a leisurely drive around the curves, and up and down the mountain grades. I couldn't ask for more.

There are great performance cars out there for a lot more money, and the MPGs won't be as good. For what I need, this car does the job. And what a great feeling to get off work or walk out of a store, and see my beautiful stylin' car waiting for me to have some more fun, even if it's only to drive home.

2006 Pontiac Solstice 4 cylinder base from North America


Is it great, or merely the Fiero of the new millennium?


Nothing - New Car.

General Comments:

This review is based on a Solstice I drove while working at a Pontiac dealership.

The Solstice is a nicely styled 2 seater, with a base MSRP of under $20,000. A base Solstice loaded is still priced well under $30,000.

Do not expect this to be like a Porsche or a Corvette, it isn't. The base engine, suspension, interior, are all made to fit the $20,000 price point.

The ride is what can be expected in this class. The manual transmission shifted fine. Handling is fine for the class, but I certainly didn't test it to its limits.

The interior is okay. Shorter drivers will wish for a height adjuster on the driver's seat.

The dash is kind of basic, yet still a bit too "boy racer" for me.

Materials again fit a $20,000 vehicle.

My biggest criticisms lie with the complicated top operation and absolute lack of trunk space, and interior storage space.

I think Pontiac should've taken a page from Mazda, and made the Solstice's top a one step operation like on the MX-5 Miata. They also should lose the clam-shell trunk, and give it a "real" trunk.

The Solstice is definitely a head-turner, if that's what you like. It's not what I would consider an everyday vehicle, and in fact, it's not what I would choose to drive on the weekends.

That's just my opinion though. I'm sure plenty of Solstice owners will absolutely love their little cars. They're not a bad car, they're just not at the top of my list.

Actually for similar money, the G6 Convertible is probably a better vehicle, at least it is more practical for everyday use.

Only time will tell if the Solstice goes down as a "Great" American Sports Car, or as the Fiero of the new millennium.

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Review Date: 26th September, 2006

30th Sep 2006, 16:01

I would strongly suggest checking out the 06 MX-5 Miata. The MX-5 is a true sports car with real Japanese reliability, and it is also quicker, and handles better than the Pontiac. Kudos for Pontiac attempting to build a sports car... good effort, but keep trying.

30th Sep 2006, 16:44

I went to Pontiac dealer to buy this car. After the negotiation I found out that the basic model had no A/C. How is this possible??? They try to charge me for everything possible: the transportation of the vehicle to the dealer, A/C, etc... At the end the price went up to $29000!! The car looks good, but in the interior it seems like a toy. The plastic cover of the doors is really cheap, with no termination at all. The joints of the cover let the rain get in the interior of the car... Two days after that I return the car to the dealer, I had to discuss for 2 hours with them to return the nightmare, I mean, the car. I'm buying a Nissan 350z which has a better review.