1989 Pontiac Sunbird SE 2.0 from North America


A true gem!


Nada. Zilch. Etc.

General Comments:

This was flat-out the BEST car I have ever owned! With Splitfire plugs and premium, it was a screamer. Unfortunately, a careless school bus driver caused the car's demise. Cry? Yep. I want it back NOW!

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Review Date: 3rd April, 2009

1989 Pontiac Sunbird le 2.0 ohc/fi from North America


The Sunbird was one of Pontiac's toughest vehicles


Transmission lock out switch replaced.

Plastic window trim rotted out and replaced.

Heater core very expensive to replace.

Steering column became loose.

Sun roof gasket rotted out.

Multiple valve cover gaskets replaced.

Catalytic converter and muffler replaced.

Fuel pump is weak causing the car to run out of gas prematurely.

General Comments:

This car has needed its regular and age related repairs. All repairs were inexpensive and most done by myself. It has never left me stranded and always starts right up.

I love the handling capabilities and the rack and pinion steering make it fun to drive.

At 19 years old and nearly a quarter million miles later, it still gets 35 mpg. The paint is still in fantastic shape also.

The cabin is slightly cramped with no cupholders and a very tiny ashtray. Interior lighting is a bit overdone with an over head light and floor lights as well.

The flip out sun roof was a great idea but is cumbersome to deal with and almost always leaks even after several attempts to seal it.

Overall I believe that these are minor when compared to the extreme amount of abuse the engine, transmission and drive-train have endured over the past 19 years.

I firmly believe that this car will easily carry me another 100 thousand miles.

This has been the only vehicle that I've ever let anyone else drive without having to inform them of its wierd behavior.

I will never sell it and when she breaks down for good I will pay as much to fix it as I would a down payment on something new. New cars just aren't made a well as they were in 89.

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Review Date: 12th May, 2008

12th May 2008, 22:35

Well, SOME cars aren't made as well as they were in 1989 (such as ALL the leading imports) but GM is still building some great cars. My family has two Pontiacs. One is 8 years old and runs perfect, and one is 53 years old and runs perfect. The 53 year old HAS had one engine rebuild (rings and rod bearings replaced) but the transmission has never been touched. Keep your Sunbird and enjoy it. It's probably good for another 200,000 miles.

30th Jul 2009, 18:47

I bought my 1989 Pontiac Sunbird new with only 5 miles on it. I have kept up on all the maintenance including a timing belt/chain every 80k miles, a starter, 2 batteries,4 sets of tires and 2 mufflers. Indeed, it has been an excellent & inexpensive car. It has 145,583 miles on it and I plan on keeping it until it literally falls apart.

1989 Pontiac Sunbird LE 2.4L OHC from North America


It gets me to where I'm going, and it gets me there without killing me in gas money


The head gasket went about two years after I had purchased it.

The seats have began to dry rot, but I got some seat covers to fix that problem.

The A/C doesn't work; it might just need some refrigerant put in it, but I haven't really used it in the summer very much, and when I do I just roll the windows down.

There is a kind of serious electrical problem, I'm not sure whether it's the car or whether a service technician I took it to in 2004 hooked the stuff up wrong. But the windshield wipers come on by themselves and the radio only has one station (no music, just static), and the heat doesn't work that well.

General Comments:

Overall, the Sunbird has been a pretty good car. I've owned it for 11 years and its been reliable and really good on gas. I can put 10.00$ in it and it will last for quite a while. I am pleased with that. That's probably the only reason I drive it ha ha!

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Review Date: 24th February, 2008

27th Feb 2008, 21:33

Hey I agree the sun bird is very good on gas!