1991 Pontiac Sunbird SE 3.1 V6 MFI from North America


It is a great first car for a teen


In my Sunbird I have had a lot of problems. It cost $1700 to get on the road when it was first purchased.

Three months later it is costing me an arm and a leg to keep on the road.

The body had started to really get a lot of rust and the engine has had a lot of problems with it.

The coolant system sucks and the thing never stops leaking the air condition gas.

Most of the parts have been replaced more than once and things don't seem to stop happening.

General Comments:

When the car isn't in the shop for repairs and is running good, the 3.1L V6 engine is quick and nice at its top end.

The car rides smooth, and will usually get you from point A to point B. The look is sporty with the SE and the cam adds a lot of sporting sound.

The interior isn't the most comfortable and has poor room in the backseat. The good thing with the front is the amount of room.

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Review Date: 26th August, 2001

1991 Pontiac Sunbird LE 2.0L 4 cylinder from North America


A reliable car, when looked after and cared for


Replaced the alternator for the first time at 155000KM's, then again at 275000KM's.

Had the starter replaced twice since I acquired this car.

Leaks some oil, but I was told it is normal for these cars to do that.

Bottom of the doors (especially the passenger side) are starting to rust badly. Plus rocker panels need to be replaced.

General Comments:

Other than the normal wear and tear, I find that this car is a great little car in terms of dependability.

Given the amount of Kilometers on my Sunbird, I can't complain.

The brakes get replaced about every 50000KM's, which in my eyes things like brakes, the starter, alternator, etc. are all apart of the maintenance.

I live in Niagara Falls, ON and have driven my Sunbird to Albany, NY and NYC with no problems whatsoever on both trips.

Remember, if you treat your car with care and respect. Then in return, it will treat you with care and respect (meaning it will be reliable).

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Review Date: 6th August, 2001

25th Sep 2001, 23:18

My car has had the same problems, it got up to 193K before I pulled the fuse. The 2L is known for blowing head gaskets.

I've had the car over a year and put in: starter, alternator, valve gasket, oil pan gasket, brakes, drums, sending unit, gas tank, catalytic converter... but I'll drive it till it dies.

1991 Pontiac Sunbird LE 3.1 V6 from North America


It's like my grandma's bra.. you never know when it's gonna fail


Transmission clutch, right away as soon as I bought it.

Power steering cooling line at 120,000.

Spark plug wires melted to the block... 125,000.

Oil pressure gauge spun around and is now stuck.

Transmission bearing (s) shot.. nice clunking sound 140,000... nice since I just had the clutch redone 20,000 ago.

All round brakes.. $600... 150,000.

Now the best one... cracked cylinder head and head gasket at 155,000.

Car is for sale wanna buy it??....... didn't think so!

General Comments:

Fun while it lasted.. 25,000 kms.

Expensive to keep up with Pontiac's crappy quality.

Shoes are getting expensive, bus fare is going up too...

Nice power... but engine lacks the duration factor.. unless you baby it... but then why buy a V6???

I remember doing highway off ramps at 180 kms and only ever having the ass slide out once... (I saved it).

I like the car, too bad the durability sucks.

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Review Date: 11th May, 2001

10th Sep 2002, 02:34

This person has a negative attitude from the start. He complains that he had to have a $600 brake job at 150,000 miles. I would say that is very good to not need to do brakes before then. And other parts have lasted very well, considering the mileage the car has on it. Why is he rating it so lowly? And the way he drives, going 180 kph at an exit, shows that he is most likely very hard on a vehicle, so that the car has done very well instead of poorly, as he has said.


20th Jun 2004, 14:34

Hi Bob.

26th Apr 2005, 06:41

I currently own a 1991 sun-bird and I find it to be a very solid car. I've replaced the radiator, taken out the air conditioning, and done some much needed light body work. This car is in amazing shape for being 14 years old, but

I must note that both its previous owners drove the sun-bird in a very respectable manner and followed all the regular up-keep guidelines. My Pontiac sun-bird is currently at 190,000 km and is in the prime of its life, I am proud to own a non-plastic Pontiac sun-bird.