25th Sep 2002, 23:04

I purchased a 1990 Sunbird, covertible two weeks ago. This car had been left setting in the garage for three years. Before I could get this car on the road I had to get the transmission seal, radiator and temperature sensor replaced.

I just had the water pump and valve cover gasket replaced this week. Next week I'll have the front struts and tires replaced. I will also get the front end aligned. After all of these repairs, I will feel safe in this car. The price of the car, with all of the repair, is worth the value.

14th Dec 2002, 17:45

Hi I just recently purchased a 1990 Pontiac Sunbird Le convertible and for some reason it acts like it is out of time. the distributor, cam and timing belt look fine, but the cam is turned 180 degrees the wrong way if you have any info please email me at mesh@stickit.nu. Thanks.

27th Oct 2004, 07:33

I have a 1994 Pontiac Sunbird that I bought within the last three months. I'm very happy with the car, I love the way it rides and handles, but I have a major problem with the radio. It has no tape player, and the radio is a cube. If anyone knows how to install a CD player into "my baby" I'd love to hear your ideas!

17th Feb 2005, 21:54

I own a 1990 Pontiac Sun-bird, the day I bought this car it started stalling on me. I came to later find out that the torque converter plug just needed pulled out.

The following day my tires started making a funny noise, that cost me $100 to replace the sway bars. Then it came time to hook up my audio system, with this car the radio is separate from the cassette player. Where will my c.d. player go? So what I had to do was remove the face plate from the cassette player, saw it down, install the c.d. player. Oh and it was a pain running my wires for my amplifier, but after that all I am happy to say a am bumping down the road now.