1990 Pontiac Sunbird LE 2.0 from North America


As original owner, This car has been amazing for us!


Alternator and battery needed to be replaced at 85,000 miles.

Driver window fell off it's track at 90,000.

Seat belt on drivers side broke, but I can still lock me in.

Headliner fell last year (2005)

Tranmission leaks like crazy at 107,000 miles.

Some rust on the roof by the doors.

General Comments:

This car has been amazing! It handles well on the road and turns on a dime. I have become a "racer" in the past 16 years with this car. It never gives up.

The stock radio is awesome, It booms like a custom sound system.

The ash tray is too dinky and the Cassette player is in a bad spot. But that's OK, I make it work.

My brother is a mechanic for a large dealership in Southern California and is ordering parts to put it in tip top shape for me next week.

I will hate to sell this car so I will give it to my grandson for his 21st b-day!

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Review Date: 21st August, 2006

1990 Pontiac Sunbird LE 2.0 OHC from North America


A long lasting car


Oil pan leaks very slight though nothing a little stop leak won't fix.

Some lights inside the car have burned out.

Sway-bar broken after small accident.

A/c system removed never worked anyways.

Rear breaks need replacing.

Car leaks small amount of coolant.

Car sputters often most likely a vacuum leak.

Shocks are horrible.

Car vibrates miserably most like motor mounts worn.

Victim of rust on doors and hood.

General Comments:

This car is horriably slow even at WOT id expect a little bit more from a 4-cyl its even dangerous to pull out into traffic due to its lack of pep.

But its very good on gas a with gas prices at there levels its great on gas.

Repairs are cheap most done in own garage.

This car has high mileage, but still runs great id expect it to at least run into is 200k mark hopefully.

Rust is common on door panels yes mine is a victim.

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Review Date: 13th October, 2005

1990 Pontiac Sunbird LE 2.0 from North America


A great little car


At 172,000 an oil seal on the engine blew out. This contaminated the clutch, which subsequently was replaced.

Front and rear brake pads/shoes replaced at 182,000, brake drums and rotors were not in need of machining.

Heater fan switch replaced at 187,000.

Signal flasher unit replaced at 199,000.

Front brake flexible hoses and pads replaced at 203,000, front rotors still within acceptable tolerances.

Headliner is becoming unglued around the edges, now held up by staples.

General Comments:

Although a major step down from our previously owned BMW, we still love the Sunbird.

Parts are cheap and readily accessible, repair costs at the dealer are very reasonable.

The car feels very peppy through the first four gears, fifth gear is a little too tall so the car feels like it's lugging in fifth at anything less than 120 kph.

Lack of power is most noticeable on hills, when it's often necessary to drop down into third gear.

Fuel economy is outstanding and we average better than 30 mpg, with 70% of our driving being highway.

Interior is very hard wearing (headliner notwithstanding), only real criticism is NO armrests on the front seats!

Overall a great little car, cheap to run and easy to maintain and repair. Aside from the clutch (which was actually hardly worn when contaminated) we've only spent $575 on repairs; not bad at all for a 15 year old car that we've driven for nearly 40K kilometers.

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Review Date: 10th October, 2005

30th Jul 2008, 22:43

I bought my wife a candy apple red with white top 1990 turbo Sunbird, I bought it for her 1 year ago. I love it. It has a lot of spunk for a 18 year old car.

When I bought it, it only had 98,000 km.. (approx 58,000 miles). Paid $3,700.00... It is in mint condition.

We have driven over the Rocky Mountains several times with top down way up until 1100 o'clock at night. Great little cars... with a lot of heart... Just have to take care of it. Treat it like a baby.. It will last you forever..