1990 Pontiac Sunbird LE 2.0 from North America


High performance until 150,000 miles


Oil cover gasket replace at 170,000 miles.

Battery replaced once.

Starter blew at 145,000 miles.

New starter fails one morning, temperature registered was -3 F. After several test the starter fails to work again.

Radiator gasket broke at 182,000 miles, aprox. 500 miles later the radiator hose broke, replaced the thermostat.

Fuel indicator work until 1/2 tank and stop, this happened at 144,000 miles.

General Comments:

Fuel economy is good: 300 miles in city and aprox. 400 miles in highway.

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Review Date: 24th January, 2003

1990 Pontiac Sunbird SE 2.0 from North America


A simply amazing car!


Alternator went out at around 100,000 miles; $300 or so I think.

Starter went out around 120,000; $100 or so.

Timing belt replaced around 140,000; $350.

Clutch replaced at 160,000; $375.

Starter again at around 180,000; another $100.

All typical maintenance stuff (brakes, etc.).

Interior lasted well with extremely heavy teenage abuse, same with exterior (although paint on hood did chip, but that was probably due to routine 100+ MPH freeway traveling speeds).

General Comments:

This car was simply amazing. I used this as a 90 mile round-trip commuter car for over a year and my average speed was always 85+ MPH.

I developed a fast driving habit in this car. Even at 12 years old it was still pulling upward of 120 MPH no problem.

Car handled very well on mountain roads and on the freeway at high speeds.

I personally feel I treated this car like crap, but it took everything I gave it. It finally met its end when I slid off a mountain road into a tree (I wasn't speeding, ironically enough).

I think this car would have went at least to 200,000 miles for me. Now I have to look for another car, and I'm hating life because I really liked that car and I can't find another one that looked anything like mine (black w/spoiler).

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Review Date: 22nd December, 2002

9th Feb 2005, 08:31

Sounds like you got ripped on changing the alternator. $300??? An alternator costs about $60 and takes about 20 minutes to take out and put in, total.

1990 Pontiac Sunbird 2.0 from North America


This car will get you from A to B, if its maintained mechcanicaly


The seats are worn out.

The floor mats have started to ware out.

The muffler had to be replaced.

The radiator had to be replaced.

The start stop solenoid had to be replaced.

The transmission will need to be replaced soon.

The car gets stuck at 50kph for a bit, before it accelerates.

It begins to shake at 125kph.

General Comments:

It is comfortable to drive.

However for long trips it is not as great.

The car seems to rust easily.

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Review Date: 7th November, 2002

1990 Pontiac Sunbird GT 2.0L turbo from North America


Looks it's best on a tow truck!


Well where do I start? The car was bought for me for my 19th birthday, and I loved it. For about a week and a half because that's when the starter quit.

Four months later I got it fixed, and then another 2 weeks after that, the fuel lines burst in the parking lot of the liquor store. I had all of the fuel lines, filter, pump and tank replaced.

It worked well after that for about a month and then it started turning off by itself. That was a mystery for a while until we figured out that it was the computer that had broke. I replaced that for a good price. My dad was lucky enough to find a computer at the junk yard for $25.

It has a brand new transmission in it that is a year old, but the latest thing to go wrong with it has been the worst thing.

In April, I got into an accident that almost wrote it off, but for some strange reason I did everything in my power to save it. A month ago the head blew. I got that fixed and the bottom end bearing went the day after I got it back. So I got the bottom end fixed and two days ago the bottom end broke again. I think that Satan owned the car before me. You may be thinking that this is too much to happen to one person, but it's all true. It sucks!! I added up all the money I've spent on it and the amount is disgusting. $3000. I could've had a new car by now.

Don't let this happen to you.

General Comments:

Believe it or not there are some pros to having a Sunbird. They are nice looking cars. Mine does not have a spot of rust on it. White, 2 door, tinted windows, spoiler, removable sunroof, and convertible headlights. It's a sweet car (to look at).

The Turbo Sunbird are very fast as well. Let's just say that I've won my share of races!! Comfy seats, but it rides a bit rough. All in all, it's been fun, but I'd never do it again. By the way- it's FOR SALE!!

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Review Date: 2nd August, 2002

20th Aug 2002, 20:28

I am guessing that since the owner "won" plenty of races, that the car was abused. A 2.0L 4cyl isn't exactly something that can take a teenager with a heavy foot.

1st Oct 2002, 17:34

The 2.0 4cyl is a fine enigne, it just needs to be taken care of. It puts out a ton of power considering its age and relative simplicity (I'm not sure, but I don't think it's even OHC).