3rd Mar 2002, 06:24

I have a 1992 Sunbird SE and I have only had it since March in 2000, and it came home beat to death with hundreds of junkyard parts on it. The frame was bent and I had to replace the driver's shock, then the bumper, not due to an accident. Then the radiator, power steering and lines, battery and alternator, seems that alternator goes with a new battery.

The starter went twice.

The transmission has a locking solenoid problem, has trouble in high heat downshifting from fourth and the A/C needed work.

Tires, brakes, drums, and ABS system needed work.

But for all the work this car has given me I find it well worth it. It is a very fast car and very reliable when maintained properly. If I could find another one just like mine, I'd buy it and keep this one even though it isn't worth much with the frame damage - $1500 to fix.

I love this car and would love to have another one, maybe with a faster engine.

8th Sep 2002, 15:10

I have a 1993 Pontiac Sunbird SE Convertible. What has gone wrong with this car? I guess the best question would be what hasn't gone wrong with this car. First off the water pump went out, the watter pump on this vehicle is behind the belt cover and it is not the easiest to change. Next the cooling system on these cars is really poorly designed. The thermostat fits into the fill spout which is mounted n the engine block. These cars seem to run hot and leak antifreeze. The head gaskets are always going out. There is a terrible rattle when this car is driven. I would never recommend a Sunbird to anyone. GM really blew it when they designed his car.

23rd Aug 2010, 08:33

I have been through hell with my 93 Sunbird.

I need to know how to get the starter off, it has been replaced once before. And my auto repair man needs 150.00 to replace the thing. I have been stranded for 4 months.

Can anyone help me? Does the starter have a heat shield? Please help I would be so grateful.

Send your advice to revkelly85@Gmail.com

Thank you.