31st Jul 2004, 13:26

I took out the factory stereo years ago and installed a Kenwood in mine. You have to go through the pre-amp to the new stereo. A few wires on the harness, the extra ones you are confused about, you will eliminate. I didn't have to use all the wires on the harness. It took me a long time, until I figured it out. A process of elimination. The guys laughed at me because a girl was trying to install a stereo in it, now they ask me how I did it.

Kenwood stereos seem to fit in there better than any other streeo I've tried to install in mine. I later put a 250 watt amp in the trunk, and a Rockford Fosgate tube style woofer, 2 Kenwood 6 x 9 3 way speakers, and Kenwood front tweeters. It sounds GREAT! I did have to install bass blockers in the front tweeters, due to the high wattage, blowing them out.

2nd Sep 2004, 12:39

First of all you DO NOT have to splice any wires. Follow the wires from the factory radio to a metal box behind the radio. You will also see the antenna wire running into here. Disconnect the box and get your self a wiring harness, ($6.99 at Wal-Mart). Match these wires up by color to the wires on your new stereo. On mine I put the CD Player where the old tape deck was down below the factory radio. Walmart also carries an faceplate that you can put down there for something like $20. Not that hard of a job to do in 1hour.

12th Jun 2005, 01:37

When I got an after market stereo for my Sunbird, I basically just mounted it under the dash in the old tape deck mount. It took me maybe 20 minutes to set up, but afterward, everything stayed in secure. Since my Sunbird is a stick shift, the controls for the stereo are easily within reach, without me having to move my hand too far away from the shifter!

28th Sep 2005, 19:15

Hey I am 15 and I have a Pontiac Sunbird LE looking to fix it up like an import. But its been so hard to find parts for it, if you could write back and help me with some web sites then I would appreciate it, I know the car is very fast, but I'm stil looking for things like a performance intakes and things like that. Please write back.

14th Oct 2006, 15:52

I have a 1993 Pontiac Sunbird and there is no bottom mount, what do I do? The stock radio is a goofy square one with a weird style hole, so whats up with that? e-mail me at Renegade42489@yahoo.com please!!

4th Mar 2007, 13:46

Just wanted Everyone to know that it is easy to install a new CD player into a Sunbird. With the help of some advice on here and going to a few other websites, it is absolutely EASY! All you need to do once you have the dash unbolted and unscrewed is disconnect the amplifier. There is one 10mm nut that holds the whole thing in place. Once the nut is removed, the amp falls out of place. There are four connections on the amp, disconnect these. The blue and black connection on the passenger side are the ones that will be connected to the Wal-Mart purchased wiring harness ($7). The wiring harness is color coded for easy match, and all you have to do is match color to color on the wiring harness for the radio and the Scorche brand harness from Wal-Mart.

If ANYONE has a question about installation, give me a buzz at nossquirrel@yahoo.com.

26th May 2007, 09:32

Hi, I've also been trying to install a CD player into my Sunbird, however I'm running into a snag that nobody else seems to have ran into. When I took out the wiring harness from the silver box behind the old radio, the new wiring harness I bought for it (which was supposed to fit this model of car) didn't fit, and Walmart didn't have one that fit either?

4th Jun 2007, 11:35

What are you guys using to hold the aftermarket deck in place? I haven't seen a bracket sort of thing to hold a new stereo anywhere.

7th Oct 2007, 18:18

Hi. I own an older 1991 Sunbird LE, with the same radio. I would like to replace this one with a better functioning, XM-ready unit. This one doesn't seem to output stereo on any station unless you're like, right AT the station, also the sound warbles depending on the signal. Plus, I'd like to install one of those VR3 MP3/USB/CD decks in it's place. Any help? Would like to have it fit where the current radio is now as I have a set of switches installed on the bottom of the dash cover below the A/C controls.

31st Jan 2008, 19:15

Do you unplug all those plugs on that silver box and do mount the ground to the body some were.

4th Jun 2008, 21:22

I am 20 years old, and I bought a 1991 Sunbird, and I was looking for performance parts like a turbo or cold air intake. I bought a brand new edelbrock carburetor and edelbrock intake manifold, and I am up to 255 hp before that. I only had 170 hp, so if there is anyone that knows were to find a turbo or any other upgrades, let me know. And does anyone know where to get good rims for it?

5th Jun 2008, 22:00

To: 4th Jun 2008, 21:22.

The 1991 Sunbird with either the I4 or V6 is Fuel Injected. There is no carburetor. So I'm not too sure what you do with your edelbrock carburetor or your edelbrock intake manifold. Maybe you duck taped them onto the top of your engine or something.

18th Jul 2008, 20:59

1. A 1991 Sunbird largest engine was a 3.1 liter mpfi.

2. Stock horsepower was 140.

3. There is no way you're at 170 without major mods.

4. Any turbo is going to be a custom job. The only thing close to easy would be a 3.1 turbo out of a Grand Prix, and those were only made for 2 years and hard to come by.

5. A turboed 3.1 is a waste of time; for less you can put a 3400 in and have about the same power with more room for improvement.

6th Oct 2008, 04:35

Hey, I was just wondering if anyone could upload a picture of where on the car they installed their decks, and how it is being held in the goofy set up it has stock?

21st Nov 2008, 12:39

Hello I've been trying to install a new stereo but I still don't understand how to take out the built in amplifier. I have a 1993 sunbird sedan 4 cylinder. help would be great thanks.