10th Dec 2008, 12:25

December 10, 2008

I have a 4 door Sedan 2004 Sunfire. At this time I have approximately 43,214 km. I have had numerous problems with this car. Replaced battery at 13,000 km, 5 months old, was told that it was not the alternator.

At 23,900 km, Alternator replaced, & lubed upper seal in Steering Rack-whining rubbing sound in steering. At 24,300 km, Power Steering Rack replaced. At 40, 900 km – 4yrs, 4mos, Leak at Power Steering Gear, replaced Power Steering Rack again. At 43,000 km – 4yrs, 7mos. rubbing, whining sound again in Steering Wheel, replaced stub shaft bearing seal – Dec.09.08. Returned car next day, as I could hear the same rubbing, whining sound 2 hours after picking car up.

At 28,500 km – 3 yrs, leak from lower Engine Oil Pan Gasket.

At 39,400 km – 4 yrs, Cluster Repair.

When defrosting front windshield, left side corner of windshield takes longer than rest of windshield. Was told, top mechanic worked on car. Still has not been resolved.

Most of the time, there is squeak in the rear end drive side, it squeaks when getting in and out of car. This problem has never been resolved.

I felt forced to purchase the extended warranty for a price of $1,500 and also must pay the $100.00 deductible. Dec. 09.08, I felt robbed since I had to pay the $100.00 to repair a part in the steering on a new steering rack that was replaced a second time in Sept.08.

I will get rid of this car before the extended warranty is up.

21st Dec 2010, 01:08

I bought a 2005 Pontiac silver coupe in 2005. First two years were great. After that, brakes needed repaired every 20 thousand miles, water pump went out, timing chain, fuel pump and now gas gauge went out.

Last year, found water in the oil, and now it's back. What was I thought a beautiful car turns out to be junk. I'd never have another Pontiac. I went and got a new Mustang. I've got 6000 dollars in repairs on the Pontiac.