31st Jan 2003, 13:13

My 95' Sunfire's head gasket just failed for the 3rd time. The dealership assured me that the last repair would solve the problem. Obvously this is a design problem that cannot simply be fixed with a gasket replacement. The time between the last gasket replacement and failure was a meager 10 months.

18th Feb 2003, 00:44

Hello people, I have a 1995 SUN FIRE GT. I am the second owner of the car. Itw as in an accident before I bought it used at a local dealer. I knew going in that it has the left front 1/4 replaced and the air-bag was replaced.

I got it back in October of 1999 it has 56,000 miles on the Odometer and running great. I had to do a clutch replacement (normal being it was the original) in late 2000. It now has 133,000+ miles STILL running GREAT. I am very pleased with it.

21st Mar 2003, 07:44

You guys are all crazy. I have a 95 Sunfire that I am the third owner of and it runs fabulous. I just put some neons inside and out of it and I am looking into some more things. You just need to learn how to treat your cars then complain. General Motors is the best ever!

3rd Jun 2003, 14:26

My 97 sunfire runs great been in 3 accidents, still runs like new, even though it needs a new head gasket that just recently went..

3rd Jun 2003, 15:20

This car stinks bad. I have had 3 recalls and I get a constant rotten egg smell. It's real noisy when you drive it a while. I get a heavy clunk when I pull out. Bought it at 34,000 miles, and I have 74,000 on it now. It goes through brakes like crazy.

12th Aug 2003, 16:02

I also own a '95 Sunfire with head gasket problems. Can anyone tell me more about the class action that owners are planning against Pontiac? Please post the details here! I was never notified of the repair program, and now that the program has ended Pontiac won't help me, even though my vehicle would have fully qualified to have the repair expenses reimbursed.

2nd Jan 2007, 02:42

How can you say GM is junk, when you say your sun fire is still ticking away to this day with so many miles on it? Yeah it needed a head gasket etc. but that is not uncommon with cars, they all need some kind of repairs.

24th Apr 2007, 15:12

I heard that the 2.3 Quad4 engine were really good. As for the rest, they were crap. My dad has a '95 Sunfire GT with well over 250km and still running strong. Later, they replace the 2.3 with a 2.4 engine which were also good as well. As for anything under the GT model, they were simply problematic. Only a few got away with a good, decent car.

25th Apr 2009, 19:19

I have heard that if you buy a car, ask them when it was built. If it is built on a Friday or a Monday, don't buy it cause if it is built on a Friday, everyone wants to go home early, and if it is built on a Monday, everyone is back from a hangover LOL.