9th Sep 2004, 13:54

My Jade is a 1999 SUNFIRE SE, she is one of the best cars I have owned. At 104,000 + miles with regular scheduled maintenance, she is fabulous. I have driven many miles and have always found her to be reliable, consistent and powerful for a 4 cylinder, 2.2 liter engine. She is in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado and has proven herself well. The interior has held up wonderfully. My 14 year son wants her for his first car. I look forward too many more years.

Some cars no matter the make or model are "lemons." That is unfortunate.

5th Nov 2004, 07:06

I agree with the author. I purchased my nightmare in 2002 used. I loved the way it looked. Well besides things falling apart on the inside, the check engine light kept coming on and the thermostat running hot right after I purchased it. I had it to the dealer 4 times. They said nothing was wrong and would reset the check engine light. Well low and behold - the computer went - took out the entire cooling system. $$$ and a week later, had it back - the new computer was bad. Still running hot. They say that is normal. I have dumped an additional 2k since original purchase and now the transmission crapped out. This isn't my primary car... it is not driven hard. I figured I could have leased a fully loaded bmw for less in the last two years. It is a toss up if your buying one. Some are great and the others like mine are money pits.

10th Apr 2007, 16:43

I have a 2003 Sunfire and I agree with the lemon comments. It's the only new car I've ever owned and the absolute worst car I've ever had. The roller rockers blew at 35,000 Km. I decided to just change the whole engine and that worked for a while (another 75,000 Km) before it started packing it in. The brake rotors are in constant need of replacement. I've replaced the fuel pump twice (a real pain since you have to drop the tank out). I'll be replacing the engine again just so I can get rid of it. Right now it idles like crap even after fuel diagnostics checks, ignition coil replacement, and charcoal cannister replacement for the EVAP system.

Me and the wife are buying two new cars when the checks come in in July and you can bet that neither will be a GM product. I've talked several friends out of buying new cars from GM too. They see all the problems I've had with the car and they want nothing to do with it.

I can't even get the last week I need the car out of it before I take off for two months. And I'm not spending another dime on mechanics or parts. For $23,000.00 (financed) and over five thousand in repairs, I got to drive the car for four years. That's the last money GM will ever see from me or anyone I can talk out of buying from them.

22nd Aug 2007, 16:14

I have a 2003 sun-fire. It has run great with no real problems other than when I first got the car, I was told everything worked great, then winter hit and I found out I had no defrost, I took the car back, this was all in a one month span and I was told sorry we don't warranty electrical parts, so now that's a $ 500.00 touch to replace a computer module. Now my car is over heating, and the check engine light stays on. My question is where the heck is the thermostat located on this car? And does it take a specialty tool other than a screwdriver to open the drain on the radiator. I've owned and driven GM's for years and I have to admit sun-fires suck, and I wont be buying a GMC again.

25th Aug 2007, 23:00

I have a 2002 Sunfire, it is my first car and buying it is by far the biggest mistake I have ever made. It seemed like a good little car when I bought it, but now, just a few months later, I am realizing what a piece of crap it is.

The overall ride is the car is very poor, if I hit even the tiniest pothole, it feels like the car is about to fall apart.

I have to floor it just to be able to do 30mph up a steady slope, and I recently found out that it has a very poor crash test rating, which makes me feel so safe driving it... NOT.

I have also encountered other little annoying problems with the car, such as the way the lock on my glovebox will never open, no matter what, and sometimes I can never get it to lock.

I would never buy another Sunfire again, and I would never advise anyone to buy a Sunfire.

11th Jan 2008, 01:42

It all comes down to you get what you pay for. I got a 1999 sunfire as a winter beater, and at best it kept a little spot clear of snow for my 1997 Golf GTI. The sunfire is a money pit. I keep it well maintained, it has low kms, but the problems are endless. when I get one thing fixed another goes wrong. The ABS makes for a terrifying driving experience. GM doesn't even make the engine for the sunfire or cavalier, it's subcontracted out. If you want quality pay for it. These cars were never expensive in the first place. I'd take my 1997 Golf over any year of sunfire or cavalier any day.

YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR, so don't complain. There's a reason why they have no resale value, and there's a reason why they're so cheap in the first place. THEY'RE SELF PROPELLED LEMONS!

22nd Feb 2008, 19:36

I am also the proud owner of a 2002 Sunfire.

From the beginning I have had strange problems with it.

One of the problems is that when I turn the engine off, the heater fan keeps blowing and I must turn it off manually. Even then, sometimes the battery goes dead. Sometimes the heater fan will come on if the parking lights are on. I have had it checked by mechanics. The alternator, battery, etc. have all been checked and I was told it wasn't a mechanical problem.

Yesterday, I took it to a car wiring expert and after looking at everything, he could not find the problem. He contacted a few dealers and they couldn't believe the things it was doing.

He suggested I take it to the GM dealership and have them test the computers.

I have been dealing with this problem for quite some time and do not drive out of town because I never know when I might be stranded. There is no warning and the problems are not consistent.

I have looked on the net at the information others have provided and find I am in good company. These problems are so common! Has anyone figured out how to fix them?

I called GM and told them about the problems and was told they had no record of any of these listed. I suggested they check out the net because these cars are getting a bad name. No help from them. One owner who wrote a review said to check the VIN#. He said that if it starts with a one it was made in the States, but if it starts with a three, it was made in Mexico where the standards are lower. I don't know if this is true, but mine starts with a three.

Does anyone know what to do because I am at my wit's end and spending a fortune on this unreliable vehicle.

If I find out anything I will let you know as well.

Thank you

Frustrated Sunfire Owner.