3rd Feb 2006, 23:28

OK, well I bought my sunfire brand new and it now has 80,000 miles. This car was a great car the past 6 years until the past few months. I have always kept up with everything fluids, hoses, filters, you name it. The fuel filter needs to be changed all the time. My engine is overheating!!! I noticed that when it idles it heats up, but when I drive faster it doesn't. I get the thermostat replaced. That did NOT work. Radiator flush and new hoses and still it heats up. I do not know how to feel because it has been such a good car.

6th Feb 2006, 09:25

Don't blame chevy for the problems with the spectrum. It was an isuzu more or less, badged as a chevy.I'm not trying to defend Chevy or GM for that matter, but I'm just trying to be accurate here.

18th Oct 2007, 05:49

A reason for the overheating problem is that the cooling fan often does not kick in until after the engine is already getting too hot. This usually happens at idle and can be remedied by turning on the air conditioner. The cooling fan works constantly when the air is on so this will keep the engine cool until you can start moving again. Mine tries to overheat when I'm hung up in traffic or at a long traffic light and turning on the air always works for me.

26th Nov 2007, 10:12

I bought my Sunfire in 2000, brand new. I cannot say I have ever had a problem. The car has been very good to me and I have no plans of getting rid of it soon. However, I went through the same thing with the oxygen sensor, but I never replaced it. I just had the light turned out the few times it came on. I was told if water occasionally gets in there, this will set the check engine light on. Other than this, I can't make any complaints.

12th Feb 2008, 12:14

I just recently purchased a 2000 Sunfire with the 2.2L. On first glance I like the car a lot better than I thought I would. The styling is o.k, except for the hub cabs. The 5-Speed 2.2L is fun to drive and more powerful than expected. Car has 72,000 miles. I like it so far.

2nd Mar 2008, 20:38

I have recently purchased a 2000 sunfire and I have noticed that the car will start to overheat at idle, but when you start off it will settle back down.

It also has the problem that the CD player worked for 2 weeks then it quit working and hasn't worked since.

Other than that I have had no other problems. it has great gas mileage.

15th Apr 2008, 22:10

I have a 1996 Sunfire and mine does the same thing when its idle in traffic. I'm getting a thermostat put in tommorow I was told that's what it might be. Other than that I have not had many problems other than normal wear and tear. I make sure I get all the fluids and everything flushed. The head gasket did crack but that's been fixed.

2nd Jun 2008, 10:42

I have a 2000 Sunfire. It is leaking oil, but only when running. If anybody has had the same problem, let me know so I can repair it faster. playninthemud23@yahoo.com

30th Jun 2008, 14:59

I bought my Sunfire new in 2000. I now have 233,000 miles on it, and have no plans to get rid of it.

I've only had a few "non-maintenance" issues on this entry-level car. Most issues were electrical (headlight harness, rear speakers & fan speed adjuster), fuel pump & radiator.

Many parts are still original like exhaust, starter, battery, alternator, engine & trans.

Take care of your car and it will take care of you.

17th Dec 2008, 12:28

I have a 2000 Pontiac Sunfire 2.2 liter 5 speed, and the car won't idle. I rigged up the throttle to hold idle at 900 or so to keep it running. What could be the issue? The car runs great, even with 200,000 miles. It's very reliable, but will not idle on its own.

6th Sep 2009, 10:29

I got my 2000 Pontiac Sunfire for graduation in 2005. Obviously used.

I have the over heating problem, but not at idle, it overheats in general. I did replace the thermostat and that wasn't the problem. So I'm having a guy put in the water pump tomorrow, and that should fix the problem.

Also when your car is overheating, get it looked at! You CAN seize up the engine and ruin your car.

Do not get a garage to look at your car if you can help it! They will rape you in prices. Try if you can to find a guy that can come to your home and look at it.

2nd Oct 2009, 12:17

For all you people who have the overheating problem when sitting in traffic that goes away when you start driving: check your radiator fan. The reason your car could be cooling down when you start driving is the air being forced through. If your radiator fan isn't working, there is no air movement.

24th Apr 2010, 14:50

I have a 99 Sunfire GT. The car heats up all the time and only loves the winter. I paid $2000 when got this car and only at 100,000km. Just started heating up last year. Anyhow, all my coolant poured out of the overflow on the reservoir. There was a plastic bag stuck in the rad fan. I pulled it out. I know it must of damaged either the gasket or the fan completely isn't coming on. I did have the ignition housing replaced 2 years prior to this, because I got water inside somehow. Been a hell of a good car. I replace usually anything needed. Cept the cash for a head gasket and all. Going to miss this car.

15th Jul 2010, 20:09

The #1 overheating problem with this particular car is the cooling fan's electrical relay dying. It's easy to replace and costs about $15-$30 depending upon where it's purchased. Located in the black fusebox, under the hood, along the inside of the fender. ;o)

21st Dec 2010, 00:04

I have a 2000 Pontiac Sunfire 2.2L automatic.. I have had this car for about two and a half years now. Couple months after I bought it, I had to replace the fuel pump.

Then the signal lights stopped working. They would turn on, but wouldn't flash.. I actually got pulled over and ticketed for not signaling my turn, when in fact, I had.. my signals just weren't flashing. Found out I had to replace the switch. Cheap fix, but it was a pain in the ass to get the old one out, in order to put the new one in.

My cruise has stopped working.. fuse is fine. So not sure what it is..

My blower doesn't work on #1 or #2, and I just had to replace the blower motor, but still no #1 or #2.

Main problem is when the car idles and I have the heat on, a strong gas smell leaks into the car. I mean, it's bad. And it's only when the heat is on, and only with idle. Fuel injectors were tested and I was told they are fine.. so no clue what it is. If anyone can tell me or has an idea.. let me know. Please. The smell is BAD. jyn@jynnibelle.com

Aside from all of that.. I do like my Sunfire. It causes loads of issues, but what car doesn't?