12th Aug 2008, 09:00

I have a 2003 Sunfire - as soon as I put the car in gear (either reverse or drive - it happens when I do either) the headlight dash display makes the same sound and display as if I have turned on my blinker to make a turn, except it's faster. It blinks about 7 times, then the headlight dash display turns off and the wrench service light comes on. My headlights do not work; my high beams, turn signals, amber parking lights and brake lights all work though. If anyone hears of a solution, or has evidence of a recall please let me know.



1st Sep 2008, 13:51

Hi there, have a 2003 Sunfire, drl lights & low beams went out same time, looked on different sites and found the wiring harness was a problem. I asked around and was told it may be a broken wire.

They were right on the money!!! It had a broken blue wire just under the drivers side headlamp. Just take the tape off the harness and you may find corroded blue wire which could be broken. Very easy fix, just put a splice connector on the wire, then you should have lights.

Good luck.


20th Oct 2008, 19:42

Well I just picked up a 2001 Sunfire. I had it for a week and no problems. Then today I went to get into the car and drive away, and it wouldn't turn over. I had to sit and wait for almost a hour and then it started. I got home and put a new battery in it, and now it still does nothing. Any info would be great. Sounds like a lot of you have had the same problem.

28th Oct 2008, 20:09

I'm the not so proud owner of a 2000 Sunfire, 2.2 engine, with AC and cruise control.

I'm getting sick of having to replace the multi-function switch (headlight/cruise/turn signal) all the time. I've been driving it for 3-4 years, and I'm officially on my fifth replacement. It's a vicious cycle - I replace it, everything's good for a while, and inevitably my headlights stop working (I turn them on, and only daytime running lights are on)... relegating me to shimming the switch with paper until the switch is far enough forward that the headlights come on. Every time I hope the problem won't occur again, but it inevitably does. Anybody got any ideas what's causing this, or how to prevent it?

29th Oct 2008, 10:27

Hello to all.

I have a 2000 Sunfire SE 2.2L that I purchased with 66k miles on 9.20.08.

After having for three weeks, I jumped it in to drive to work one morning, the brake light was on, and the car would barely come to a stop!!! Turned out it needed a new brake caliper and new brake line due to a leak of the brake fluid. Fixed that ($250).

Then this morning, I get in it to drive to work, (only had the car back from the shop a total of 3 days!!!) and as I am driving from my parking space all of the lights in my dash (check engine, service with wrench, ABS, check gages) all come on and the headlights and lights in dash dim as I am driving. Also, the gas gage goes all the way from 1/2 tank (where it should be) to 1/4 tank. Then goes back up to 1/2 when idling. When the car idles, all the lights in the dash go off except for the service and check engine lights. WTF!!!

Does anyone have a clue what is going on with my car, how it can be fixed, and how much it might cost! Please help!!! I am a part-time student and I work full-time. I don't have the time or money for any of this crap!!! I am clueless about cars, so I doubt that I could fix this problem myself... any suggestions???

Email me @ datrealdiva04@yahoo.com

23rd Nov 2008, 15:27

I bought my 2002 Pontiac Sunfire SE coupe (manufactured in Lordstown, Ohio) new in April 2002. In October 2002, after 4400 miles, my left rear turn signal quit working. I replaced the bulb and it would work intermittently. Took it to the dealer, they had to replace turn signal socket and lense assembly. Other than that, no problems.

A week ago, I had the standard Sunfire issue of my DRL and low-beams not working, with the clicking in the dashboard and service light coming on. My high-beams did work. I replaced the DRL Relay fuse to no avail ($13.90). My dad took the car to his mechanic, who advised that the headlights were both burnt out. I hadn't noticed any lights out or anything prior to this happening, but I do mostly daytime driving. The mechanic also advised the wiring harness was fine and there were no broken wires. The vehicle was fixed 11-20-08 and the headlights and DRLs are working just fine after the bulb replacement. Total cost, with a serpentine belt (trying to be proactive)and mechanic labor, was $136.00.

I will be sure to update if I have any further problems with the headlights. I am still half-expecting to go out some morning (or heaven forbid, sometime at night) and find out my headlights don't work. Time will tell, I guess.

22nd Jan 2009, 14:06

I have a 2DR 2000 Sunfire. I have been reading everyone's comments, which are really scary.

I bought my car used over a year ago. Like another owner I have a very basic model; no power anything, and I have not had an issue with it.

The A/C works fine, and when my front and back signals burnt out, I just changed them and they work fine. (knock on wood)

I looked and mine was one of the ones from Mexico. I wonder because it's a basic model is why I am not having any of the issues yet?

Hopefully it stays OK for at least another year while I save money for another vehicle.

9th Feb 2009, 17:39

I own a 2003 two-door Sunfire, 5 speed, and have had it since it was new. It now has 130,000 miles on it, and the body is in great shape.

I have had the headlight wiring harness problem at least once a year since the day I bought it. The first couple of times, the dealer fixed it, no problem there. The next time it happened, the warranty had expired, of course, and the very same dealer said they had no record of my first two harness problems! So, I took it to Firestone, and they found the problem and fixed it for about $100. I have since tried to fix it myself, and a couple of times still had to take it to the garage.

Around the time the warranty ran out, the fog lights quit, I never bothered to fix them, seems to be the switch itself though. Also around the same time, the check-engine light started coming on. I had two sensors replaced, both times the light went off for about 2 or 3 months. Now, I get it checked, and have them clear the codes when I get it inspected, but the light always comes back on in a week, and stays on until I need to get it inspected again.

Today I had the passenger headlight go out completely, and the lights would click and flash until I turned the headlight (s) on. I pulled out whats left of the harness, and did find one corroded wire, and fixing that made the clicking/flashing thing stop, but there is still a short in the system. I guess I'll be taking it to the garage again, damn I hate this car...