13th Jan 2010, 17:40

If the car is stalling uphill, then it's likely that the fuel pump strainer has collapsed or clogged up, seems to be another common problem with a majority of Sunfire owners. Hope I could be of some help.

11th Feb 2010, 13:44

I bought my 2001 Sunfire brand new in May 2001. For being 9 years old, the car is still pretty "new". I really haven't had very much trouble with it (knock on wood)! It's currently at 72,000 miles, and I've only experienced the following issues:

1. Right after I purchased the car, when I would shift into drive, the transmission didn't seem to agree. With the gas to the floor, the car would only idle forward. I had to shut off the car, wait 5 minutes and try again. Eventually it would work. I had this problem seen to by 2 different mechanics, both of whom kind of shrugged and told me the use "better" gas. Yeah, okay.

2. The slowest setting on my windshield wipers rarely functions. It's either crazy fast or no wipers at all, which is irritating.

3. Most recently, my dashboard, radio etc have started losing power briefly while I'm driving, then turning back on immediately, all the lights blinking as though I had just started the car. Yesterday morning, the car wouldn't start. After a few hours of troubleshooting, I just made sure all the fuses were properly seated, and sure enough, the car started. But the dash still loses power frequently, so I know it's only a matter of time.

Does that last one happen to anyone else? Because it could present a REAL problem in time.

10th Mar 2010, 10:09

Can anyone help me???

I have a 2000 4 dr. Sunfire, and when I get going up to at least 40mph, it starts shaking badly, but if I let off the gas or give it more gas, it quits shaking. It usually keeps doing this anywhere from 40mph to 65mph. Any suggestions???

15th May 2010, 01:20

Hi all, I have a 00 Sunfire with almost 200k miles, and would like to share a few things I have learned.

1) Heater cores go bad, it sucks changing them in small cars, but at least Pontiac/GM is easier than Fords.

2) The headlights are a joke, pull new wire and replace your sockets, switch the ground on a 3 position switch in the dash. Use either non functioning fuse for your lights. Between wire, connectors, and switch; about 30 bucks.

3) Fan lockup seems common, this is the biggest tip (do not get this car hot). If it overheats, your coolant system will dump it all out. Leaving you stranded, and unable to fill it by yourself. Yes that's right, it will develop an air pocket and overheat at random intervals. So if it starts getting warm, pull over out of traffic and shut it off. After it cools some, nurse it to a shop. Rinse and repeat if necessary.

4) Wow that's a pricey fuel pump/sending unit combo. Mine was 250; not to hard to swap (unless your tank's full). Can find most info online.

5) AC consists of rolling windows down. That thing never stays working.

6) Don't even think about using the electric sunroof, between switches and motors they are horrible for not working, and they always seem to quit while open.

All things considered, they get great mileage, and run well for a small motor (mine's 2.2 liter). But all the electric problems can be a pain as well as the coolant problems. Hope this guide helps you all. If any questions, feel free to contact me tblu_855@yahoo.com

25th May 2010, 09:36

I have a 2000 Sunfire 2.2 automatic 4 door. My question is if I remove the steering shaft and steering wheel with ignition and multifunction switches all at once, can I put into the Sunfire I am driving and start it? I was told I would have to install it first, then get it towed 2 hours away to the nearest dealer and have it scanned before it would start? Is there a way for my car to relearn the new ignition manually by myself or by itself? Or can I just put the new shaft and wheel in, but put the old ignition into the replaced wheel and it will work.

If anyone has the knowledge of the predicament, please reply... soon to dj_daddy21@hotmail.com

The name is Teddy Kavanaugh in Nova Scotia Canada 1-902-285-4883 or 2227.

11th Jun 2010, 12:01

Not so happy Sunfire customer.

First off I own a 2000 Sunfire 2.2L automatic I've had this car since late 05.

Since I moved to Michigan, in the last 2 years, I've had most of the problems mentioned other than (knock on wood) the headlight or the A/C problems, but I rarely use the A/C.

Newest problem is after fixing the starter, 3rd one so far, and getting a general tune up (spark plugs and wire and the cover gasket), my mechanic started it and the odometer doesn't work.

I know someone earlier mentioned this same problem, and after calling and dealing around to find the best price, I found out it's a common problem with the 00' to 06 Sunfire. The total repair for it with labor is anywhere between 325 to 500 dollars, as they have to replace the odometer wiring and have to remove the dash board.

With all the problems people here have been posting for 3 years, it's sad that GM still hasn't had a massive recall on a car that seems to be giving its owners more problems than solutions. In my opinion GM isn't doing its part to keep its loyal base clients happy or safe.

What can be done to start some kind of customer recall or a complaint to address these issues with GM?

12th Jun 2010, 16:36

We just got a 2001 Sunfire with 114,000 miles, and actually almost everything works perfectly. The big problem I'm having is that the AC kicks in and does just fine after I drive it above 40 miles an hour for a few minutes. If I'm going slowly through a parking lot or idling at a stop light, it pretty much stops blowing cold air and just gives me the outside temp. Does anyone know what that might be?

23rd Jul 2010, 14:11

Sunfire #1.. 1996 was a nightmare - motor, steering, uni-body problems.

#2 1999 steering problems, uni-body as well.

#3 2002 was the worst of all.. motor problems, electrical problems, transmission problems and finally the uni-body too.. but I gave them one more chance, and for the past 2 years I haven't had a problem, besides regular up-keep to my 2000 Sunfire 2.2L.. I have to say, hands down it's the best vehicle I have ever owned.

27th Jul 2010, 17:58

My family has owned a 2000 Sunfire 2.2 L since 2001. The car (used) to run great. Same problems with the A/C like mentioned above. There has been a lot of construction going on in my city, there for lots of drops, pot holes, etc. Today while driving, I hit a rather small pot hole, when I have hit much worse, but after doing so, my steering alignment went all screwy. It's as though the power steering has been turned off, although when I give it a little bit of gas, it's as if the steering wheel unlocks and lets me turn easier.

Any suggestions?