1995 Pontiac Trans Sport 3.8 from North America


Good car, bad transmission


Transmission can be a problem. At 120000 it went bad, had to replace it. Very expensive. Have the transmission checked before you buy. The engine was great.

General Comments:

Handles like a truck, but if that is not a problem then you will be fine.

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Review Date: 19th March, 2007

19th Mar 2007, 13:31

A firebird handles like a truck? What? Do you usually drive ferraris or something?

19th Mar 2007, 21:37

The reviewer said Trans Sport not Trans Am, HUGE difference.


1995 Pontiac Trans Sport SE 3.8 from North America


Overall a reliable vehicle with a solid engine


At 75,000 miles the automatic door stopped working. I would reset it according to the manual, by removing one of the fuses and waiting a few moments. This fix only works a few times before the door stops working again.

At 80,000 miles the wiper motor began acting up. The motor slowly became worse until it finally died.

The sensor for the gas gage has never worked properly. Going up and down hill, the gage reads anywhere from 1/2 tank off.

Water pump replaced at 100,100 miles.

Heating core replaced at 101,400 miles.

The rear shocks currently need to be replaced.

The power steering fluid is leaking.

General Comments:

For a car of this age (10 yrs) I expect problems as stated above to crop up. Overall it is a really comfortable ride and I enjoy driving it.

I have two large dogs and they fit in it comfortably with all the seats removed in the cargo area.

It has great pick-up and can really haul a lot of stuff around. The only thing that I have to watch out for is going around a turn at a high speed. It doesn't really corner well at all and everything in the car slides around.

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Review Date: 14th January, 2005

1995 Pontiac Trans Sport SE 3.1 V6 from North America


For a cool durable van, get one of these


Alternator failed at 140000 km. Door handles constant problem. Turn signal broke in half. Air con went out in 6yrs. Heater core blew at 200000kms.

General Comments:

3.1v6 won't win any races, but is dead reliable. Transmission been flawless even though I towed a boat. Little things have gone wrong, but it never left me broken down. This van has cost me so little to own I'm really happy with it. Rides nice, Quit and comfortable Still looks like new thanks to the polymer panels. After 9yrs the exhaust is still good. Front brakes needs to be done every 100000kms, rear hasn't been touched yet. With rust proof body, and a bullet proof drive train this van will last a very long time.

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Review Date: 3rd July, 2004

1995 Pontiac Trans Sport SE Automatic from North America


Undecide what to buy car/van next??


*Steering Wheels off Center (Twice!)

*Water Leak in Rear Lift Gate (Twice!!)

*Hesitates when Accelerating from Stop (Twice)

*Driver’s Seat Loose and Dealer could not find it. 19,247 miles. Dealer (BS and waiting for warranty expired!!) One of my good friends who is ASE himself and found it was Seat Rack that needs to be replacing that cost over $200.00!!

*Outside Door Handle Broken – 36,016 – Under warranty (lucky)

*Seatbelts always twisted and had to untwisted so many times (I hate this belts!)

*Vibration on Acceleration – Replace Front Exhaust Pipe Seal - $79.95 – warranty expired. (shoot)

*Water Leaking on Left Side Driver’s Door

*Replace rear Axle bleed brake, replace left frame brace after rock hit bottom of the van by the Truck. Replace for $595.75

*Gas Filter (Twice)

*New Wiper Motor - $138.29

*Oil Pan Gasket (Twice)

*New Wires at 82,415 Miles

*New Motor after Rod Knock very loud… Water went into the Engine – Had to get new Motor for $4,000 as van have only 87,000 miles on it.

*3 mounds need replace after new motor was installed for $250.00!! (jeez)

*New W-Value $182.00

*Left Hub need replace for $334.00

*New Rotors for $195.00

*BCA Bearing for $127.00

*Pump Kit for $64.00

*New Wires at 126,600 but cover by warranty with AC Delco (Good Deal!!)

*New Ignition Coils

*A/C Compressor for $488.84!! after it was smell bad and leaking for a while without knowing it!!

*A/C Hose for $78.00

*Idler Pulley

*Water Pump Replace

*Sensor ASM

*New Transmission (Repair Man in Florida says that should be Recall!!) $1,800

Dealer Deined there is recall for the Transmission, but I searching in Website as they do have recall, but did not receiving any letter since 1997???

I m very disappointed all those expense I get my van repairing, etc.

General Comments:

It is very roomy for my children and trip to anywhere. The children loves this van so much as well I do.

I am afraid to buy another Montana again after we have those van for 8+ years since I purchase it.

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Review Date: 19th June, 2003

20th Jun 2003, 18:23

Check out a Chevy Astro or GMC Safari. You'll find it is more trucklike and maybe less pleasant to drive, but I guarentee you it'll be much less problematic.