1998 Pontiac Trans Sport from North America


Overall handling is great and gas mileage is great


New extra remote key-less entry only lasted 1 year.

Driver side window regulator has been replaced twice. Very expensive to be replaced.

Wiring for front airbags lights are under the front seats and had to be taped together to keep the airbag light from remaining on at all times.

Power window circuit box on drivers side had to be replace. Very expensive to be replaced.

Front seats are very uncomfortable, they lean to one side. Seats fabric has worn badly.

Alternator had to be replaced after 2 years. Very expensive to be replaced.

Brakes squeal even when new.

Vehicle is nice to look at, but very replacement parts are very expensive.

Vehicle is very easy to drive, but very expensive to obtain new or used parts.

General Comments:

I will never buy a Pontiac Minivan again.

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Review Date: 1st June, 2003

1998 Pontiac Trans Sport Extended SE 3.4 from North America


Stay Away


Low coolant light started coming on at 43000. I had to add coolant at least once a week.

It started overheating at 58000 miles. We have had the thermostat changed, and it still overheats. The source of the overheating still hasn't been determined.

The front brakes squeal.

The radio display panel stopped working at 45000 miles.

The doors stopped automatically locking when the van is put into gear at 58000.

General Comments:

This van is very unreliable.

This van is extremely expensive to fix.

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Review Date: 18th May, 2003

8th Dec 2006, 15:36

It sounds to me like the source of your "overheating" is likely a bad head gasket. If it is mysteriously losing coolant and it has started to overheat I would be very suspect of the head gasket.

1998 Pontiac Trans Sport SE Extended length 3.4 V6 from North America


The perfect family taxi.


Just replaced the battery. Found to be the original factory installed battery. Not bad length of service for this item. Although, A little difficult to replace.

Display on the radio has stopped working. Good reason to upgrade to a aftermarket CD player.

General Comments:

A well thought out and built mini-van.

Easy to get into and out of for short and tall people alike. Rear seats are easily accessed by young children. Also easy to separate on long trips so no one is "touching" anyone!

Rear A/C - heater controls are easy to operate and do a wonderful job.

Have tried other mini-vans, and this is the only one that has made every one in the family satisfied.

Will hold a 4X8 sheet of plywood with the rear seats removed.

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Review Date: 4th November, 2002

1998 Pontiac Trans Sport 3.4L from North America


A hit and miss value


Condensation has accumulated in both headlights and they have been replaced twice under warranty with some resistance from GM.

Rear hatch interior handle broke and I had to replace myself.

Hood grille popped out. GM fixed under warranty.

Knocking noise when turning that GM has failed to fix after numerous attempts under warranty.

Rear manual lock seized probably due to road salt. GM refused to fix, but I fixed by dismantling and lubricating.

Buzzing noise at highway speeds was exterior vent bezel that needed to be double taped down.

Cup-holders broke. Poor location susceptible to stepping on and not convenient while driving.

Current Dex-cool coolant leak is due to failure of intake manifold gasket. GM dealer indicates "silent recall" and am currently trying to get GM to rectify.

Radio volume control gets erratic in extreme cold.

General Comments:

The van has generally performed well although my mileage has been all highway. The van handles well, has good mileage and looks good. GM has been an absolute nightmare to deal with regarding repairs.

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Review Date: 12th October, 2002

28th Nov 2005, 15:07

What did you find out with GM's silent recall? I have had many things replaced because of the coolant "gumming" everything up. I put my name in for a court case on this, but never heard anything. I also have a 1998 with 120,000.

1998 Pontiac Trans Sport Montana 3.4 from North America


A particularly sour lemon!


ABS system fails intermittently during very cold wet weather (exactly when it is needed the most). It has been in many times for repair, starting during the warranty period, and it still has a problem!

I took the problem to arbitration (CAMVAP) and the arbitrator ruled that the problem didn't exist - since a technical inspection she ordered in the middle of the summer did not turn up any problem - however, the reason I went to arbitration was that the dealership thinks they've finally figured it out, but now want to charge me over $600 to fix it!!!

The heating system failed recently, for over $100, a different dealership ran some tests and replaced the radiator cap, but there's still virtually no heat.

The engine light comes on intermittently. It's been pretty good since the injector flush - which cost almost twice the estimate... they only told me the parts cost up front :-(

One dealership said that the poor flow from the rear washer nozzle was normal, another dealership said "no way" and replaced the nozzle... it's a bit better :-)

One of the three power seat controls failed under warranty, they fixed it, but it only lasted until shortly after the warranty expired and has failed again.

I was amazed by how quickly the General Tires wore out on this vehicle. The new Michelins are faring much better... they'll very likely outlast the van.

The headlights were very bad for condensation until the dealership drilled some holes in them to let the water drain out.

Sometimes it just doesn't want to start, but 2-5 tries and the engine roars to life.

Recently the fuel gauge has become possesed. On a full tank, it has suddenly dropped to empty and the fuel light has come on... a few minutes later the gauge climbs back to normal.

General Comments:

Nice looking vehicle.

If you don't care about brakes, heat, fit and finish, and service, then consider this vehicle.

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Review Date: 17th October, 2001

15th Oct 2003, 06:11

You've drilled holes to eliminate condensation in the lamps:

I got same problem in Trans Sport '96 (bit different lamps, but the same problem) -I would greatly appreciate if You could advice location/how many of these additional holes to execute?

Thanks in advance


17th Aug 2008, 11:00

Sometimes it "doesn't want to start" - have you had the starting motor checked?