2003 Pontiac Vibe 1.8 from North America


Love it


I had the drivers window fall off its track and broke it was covered under warranty and the dealer was very helpful at both locations for it has happened twice..

And there is a rattle under the dash when the defrost is on the dealer could not find.

General Comments:

Love to drive it! good car for those that like to be different and good layout for people with children the rear seats have child seat belts.

The gear shifter is on dash like new civic SI.

The engine is a Toyota matrix so you know it will last and last.. good car for a Pontiac.

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Review Date: 10th December, 2005

2003 Pontiac Vibe Base 4 cl. 1.8L from North America


Best of both worlds: Room of a large car, fuel economy of a compact car.


I had water leaking on my passenger floor which seemed to be from the air conditioning. I called the dealership to take it in, but found before taking it that the condensation tube had been knocked out of place. It cost me $0 to fix the problem.

The only other thing that's happened is I wore a hole in my driver's side floor mat with the heels of my dress shoes I have to wear to work. I wish they had a plastic area on the mats where your heels rest.

General Comments:

The small four cylinder engine is surprisingly snappy.

The car is extremely comfortable to travel in.

There is plenty of leg room in both the front and back seats.

The seats are very comfortable. I have had no trouble with them wearing at all.

My grandmother who has had multiple total knee and hip operations has no trouble getting into it and out of it because it sits higher than most compact cars.

It gets fantastic gas mileage. My car has 50K miles on it and still averages 34 to 36 mpg highway.

It has a small gas tank, so filling up your tank with gas that's $2+ per gallon is a relatively painless experience.

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Review Date: 13th July, 2005

24th Jan 2006, 16:36

The tank I think is between 12-13 gallons, but the light seems to come on with 2-3 gallons remaining. Still if you stop when the light comes on you've used 10 gallons X 35 MPG= 350 miles between fill ups. Chances are you'll need a rest stop in between!!

2003 Pontiac Vibe Base from North America


Vehicle is value and economical


I have had no problems with vehicle.

General Comments:

This car is very economical.

Vehicle is very roomy for it's size.

Vehicle runs smooth on the highway, I drive 100 miles back and forth to work each day.

I would recommend the 5 speed trans, it is quicker off the start.

For it's size and price this was the right car for me, I can't believe the value with this car.

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Review Date: 23rd March, 2005

2003 Pontiac Vibe Base 1.8 litre from North America


A whole lot of car for not a whole lot of money


Just after getting the wheels rotated for the first time; the front end started making a loud noise when reversing and turning. This was fixed under warranty and have had no other mechanical problems to date.

General Comments:

The instrument panel can be very hard to read on bright days.

The interior plastic is too easily scratched.

I have grown to hate the cheap wheel covers... will get rims soon.

The 200 watt sound system makes my commute very fun.

I average 30 miles per gallon on regular unleaded gas.

This is my first new car and I am completely satisfied. I plan to have this car for a long time.

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Review Date: 29th August, 2004

2003 Pontiac Vibe GT 1.6L High Output from North America


Overall, this is a very versatile and fun-to-drive vehicle


The only problem that I have had is a rattle in the dash. I only noticed it as it started getting colder in the mornings as Winter approached. The dealer was persistent about fixing it, but one time referred to the 3 year, 36,000 mile warranty as a reason to "don't worry if we don't get it this time". It took 3-times to finally fix the problem, but they did fix it!

General Comments:

This car is very fun to drive. After owning a turbo Saab, it took some getting used to having to rev the engine so high to get to the power, but the sound is sweet and the power is nice.

I wish I had gotten the 17in tire/wheel package, but for 2003 it was not available with the sunroof option (don't know why, the 2004s can have both options together). I will probably add some after-market wheels to correct this.

The flexibility of cargo carrying and fun-to-drive quotient is very neat! This is a lot more fun than driving my truck to Home Depot! I have not used the roof rack yet, but I'm glad it's there. The fact that the rear glass opens separately from the lift-gate is useful for longer items. The right front seat also folds flat for this purpose.

I considered the Aztek too, but the Vibe was more sporty.

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Review Date: 28th January, 2004