2004 Pontiac Vibe from North America


This car is fun and versatile and affordable


Paint wears quickly. Clear coat is too thin.

Odometer is hard to read, so I've been forgetting about routine maintenance.

Bolt on wheel had to be cut off and replaced before I could remove tire.

General Comments:

Fun car. Very zippy.

Great power moon roof and audio.

Very versatile. Fits large objects like bicycles, furniture, boxes with no trouble.

Good gas mileage.

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Review Date: 21st June, 2005

2004 Pontiac Vibe Base 1.8 zz1 from North America


Great value, fun car



The OEM Continental tires are junk-replaced at 24000 miles, and that is 5-10000 miles more than most people have been able to get out of them. If I were buying a new Vibe, I would specify premium tires.

Otherwise the car has been totally reliable.

General Comments:

This car is very roomy, even for a large person, and it is comfortable for short trips with frequent stops, and for long trips. It is a very utilitarian vehicle because all the seats fold down to make room for cargo.

I have averaged 32 mpg for the life of the car with a high of 37.3 and a low of 29.0. About 95 percent of my driving is on straight, level highway at or below the speed limit. I think a car of this ilk should get better fuel mileage.

This car is fun to drive, and the moon and tunes package with moonroof and 200 watt stereo, makes it even more pleasurable. The Vibe is the best kept secret of the GM family.

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Review Date: 26th May, 2005

2004 Pontiac Vibe 1.8L 130HP from North America


Fun to drive, sporty, and economical


The compartment below the center console occasionally "falls" open. I haven't yet approached the dealer to see if a fix is available for this (common) problem.

General Comments:

I have the 5-Speed manual transmission, and standard engine, a combination that gives plenty of power for hill climbing and passing. Fuel consumption is light, I get between 36 and 37 Miles Per Gallon using it for a commute that is some highway, and some light stop and go.

Handling is excellent, (mine has the 16 inch wheels) and the car is a lot of fun to drive. You DO feel bumps in the road, as the car is small, the tires are low profile, and the suspension is pretty stiff.

Space is plentiful for such a small (and non-boxy) car. There is plenty of head and leg room up front. 3 children can fit in the back seat, though two adults would be the limit except in a pinch. There is a decent amount of cargo space in the rear with the rear seats up and the rear seats also can fold down (separately) to give loads of cargo space if needed.

The Vibe won't hold its value as well as the Toyota variant (the Matrix), so if I was buying new, I'd go the Toyota route. I bought mine (a 2004 that was delivered in 2003), used in early 2005 and paid just $11,000. It has cruise control, CD player, rear wiper and power windows. (Everything except leather and sunroof)

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Review Date: 31st March, 2005

1st Apr 2005, 13:04

The Vibe will hold its value just as well as the Matrix starting in 2005. The Matrix is introduced into the fleet/rental market (heavily) starting this year, which will lessen future value. Huge for GM.

13th Apr 2005, 14:21

The dealer fixed my dash compartment in 2 minutes. It was also falling open. Take it back.

24th Jun 2005, 14:43

I have found that the latch for the storage compartment is at the same height as a CD case. When the CD hits the latch, the compartment door opens.

27th Jul 2005, 14:38

The compartment in mine kept coming open from day 1. Took it back to dealer 3 times and had new ones put in to no avail. Then he bent the latch just so, now it's been fine!

4th May 2006, 02:25

I used duct tape to fix mine...don't you guys ever watch Red Green?

25th Sep 2008, 14:54

I just bought a 2003 Toyota Matrix and experiencing the same problem with center compartment - it keeps popping open.

Anyone have a clue how to fix.

15th Jan 2010, 10:16

I own a 2005 Vibe and find it to be a reliable car. I would like better gas mileage as I get 33 miles to a gallon now, but otherwise mechanically a good car.