2006 Pontiac Vibe from North America


Best car we have had in 40 years


Replaced radiator fan @ 130K. Everything still works, no issues, no problems.

General Comments:

Sporty runabout.

Have used it to haul all manner of things, including buckets of rocks for my driveway.

Great A/C and heat, and plenty of room for 5.

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Review Date: 8th September, 2015

2006 Pontiac Vibe Base 1.8 4 cylinder from North America


Overall the Vibe is a very good car. Its strong points are many, and weak points minor and few


The wiring harness from the ECM to the transmission shorted at 78,630 miles, causing the CEL to come on, and harsh up shifts. Also A/C blower motor had a bearing whine, but has corrected itself.

General Comments:

The Vibe has been very dependable. It fulfills the purpose that it was designed for.

It's not that great in snow (FWD version) with all season tires, but I'll try snow tires this winter.

The sheet metal in the front fenders is thin and dents very easily.

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Review Date: 12th September, 2010

2006 Pontiac Vibe AWD 1.6 from North America


Love my Vibe!


Zilch... nothing... NADA!

General Comments:


- A very firm ride.

- Noisy underpowered engine.

- Inadequate under dash lighting.

- First gear "Bumps" on cold mornings, but is fine after the first shift.

- Plastic interior mars too easily.

- Not the best gas mileage as I hoped for, but still reasonable.

- Paint chips way too easily.

- Exterior door moldings are beginning to fall off.

- Wipers "dance" at 80+ kms, so when it rains, visibility can be poor.

- Windows freeze solid in place during the winter. Have to insert X-acto knife between window and weather striping every day in order to use.

- Blue high beam indicator way too bright... actually impairs my night vision.


- Love the AWD especially in the winter. With winter tires it is solid as a tank. In summer, sandy beaches are easily conquered. In heavy rain the AWD helps in preventing hydroplaning.

- Super comfy but firm seats. Driving long distances proven to be very comfortable with no added fatigue from sitting for long periods. Drivers seat has a number of adjustable positions and should accommodate just about any size person.

- All around visibility is very good.

- Very maneuverable and predictable steering inputs.

- Disengaging the Overdrive adds extra kick for towing and steep hills.

- Tons of hidden storage spaces and when all seats are folded down, I am still amazed of all the room available. I have been to the hardware store many times and the biggest load I have taken so far is 20 - 2x6x12's and 8 concrete pads for posts. Apart from the slightly settled suspension, the engine never hesitated for a moment.

- Heats up very quickly in the winter but when it drops to -30 Celsius, it helps to put a thin piece of cardboard between the radiator and the radiator shroud.

- AC works great so far... brrrrrr!

- Used this car for the first this summer on a major highway for 3 weeks. I was concerned that maybe it wouldn't hold up to highway speeds and long hills. I was so impressed to see this car pass with little effort even at 120 kmh. Helps to disengage the OD when going up long steep hills as it pumps up the RPM and helps maintain you speed. The car was loaded from front to back and speed, acceleration and storage was never an issue. I am very impressed.

- Under the hood, all necessary maintenance areas are easily accessible. Doing own maintenance such as sparks plugs, oil changes, etc. are a cinch.

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Review Date: 17th September, 2009

17th Sep 2009, 20:03

You can thank Toyota for this lovely, well-engineered vehicle. You didn't think Chevy was capable of making something this good, did you?

2006 Pontiac Vibe GT from North America


One of my favorite cars after 40 years of driving


The only thing that went wrong was the dealer-installed, non-OEM cruise control.

General Comments:

This is one of the most reliable cars I have ever owned. I had the Toyota version first and put over 100,000 miles on it with only routine maintenance. I wanted to compare the union-built product to the non-union built, and I see no significant difference. Sorry to step on toes, whichever foot you are on.

I especially like the seating - it's one of the few small vehicles that lets me sit up high (which is more common in Europe I have heard), which I need for my old joints.

The GT is more fun to drive than my old Matrix automatic - the 6 speed is snappy and the engine redlines near 9K, but I've never been near that. The acceleration is better than the old Matrix auto, but it feels more like a sportscar than it actually is. I got stopped 3 times the first 2 weeks until I finally eased off of the gas pedal.

I have had none of the famous early clutch wear - I think it is how you drive it.

It's a small car though, and the longest trip I have taken in it is 300 miles one way, and that's the limit for my old bones. I have a van for long trips and use my Vibe GT for daily driving and a one-hour (each way) commute.

I replaced the radio with a premium unit, but found that the FM receiver in the OEM radio was significantly superior.

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Review Date: 30th July, 2009

30th Aug 2009, 00:43

Update - I now have put 40,000 miles on this car with no repairs and regular maintenance. The clutch is still fine. You need to keep up with tire rotations on these - I wore out two tires prematurely by not doing so. Otherwise it is great and this my be my first 200K vehicle. Fuel mileage is high 20's and Edmond's now ranks it as one of the "Ten Cheapest Cars to Drive".

23rd May 2011, 21:26

My main complaint is the gas mileage. I run around 28 MPG on the highway which isn't bad, but it requires premium fuel. So the effective gas mileage is more like 24 which is no longer acceptable for a small car, with newer technologies and all. But that's for the GT version - the regular one seems to hit low 30s and I would be OK with that.