2006 Pontiac Wave from North America


I wouldn't recommend buying this car at all!


When I first bought this car, I thought it was going to be awesome. I got a great deal on it because it was a friend of the family selling it, as she could no longer drive. She had had no problems with the car and loved it. It was a step up from the car I had previously (which was a 1996 Chevy Cavalier). This car has power locks, windows, A/C, CD player, etc. As soon as I had all my I's dotted and my T's crossed, things started going wrong.

1) My car would not shift from park into anything. Before I started the car, I would have to stick my key in this little hole beside the shifter, put the car in neutral, then start the car, then shift into forward or reverse. This ended up costing me almost 200 dollars to fix.

2) My car came with an alarm system, which was great at first, then one night I kept getting woken up with it going on an off constantly every 15 minutes. The next day I unplugged it and have not fixed it, as I am sure it's going to cost me a hefty penny, and the dealers won't help on any of the costs, as I called them.

3) As the cold winter came this year (the second winter I had the car) a lot of issues started coming up. The heater sucks (I know I can fix this, but I plan on getting rid of the car as soon as the weather gets a bit nicer, and don't see the point). One morning I was running a bit late, went outside to start my car, and the ignition wouldn't turn as it was frozen, so needless to say I was SUPER late for work. MY power locks have been acting up a lot as well. A couple of times they have locked me in the car by just locking randomly when I go to get out of the car. Secondly, occasionally when I unlock the car, it will unlock all the doors, and then my driver's door will lock itself again, and it will do that a couple times in a row. This morning it decided the drivers side door wasn't going to unlock at all with power locks, so I had to unlock it manually. THIS CAR SUCKS IN THE WINTER!

4) My car idles so high, it sounds like it is going to take off sometimes, and it also takes FOREVER for the temperature gauge to go up.

5) Occasionally there is a scraping noise in the left front wheel. I have had new brakes put on, cleaned the brake system, had two different mechanics look at it, and they cannot figure out what is going on.

General Comments:

The only good I really have to say about this car is that it is comfy. If you are looking for a car with room inside the back and the trunk, definitely don't get this one!

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Review Date: 10th February, 2011

10th Feb 2011, 17:48

These rebadged Daewoos were cheap for a reason, and they're too much of a headache. Transmission problems were common in Aveos/Waves. I considered one, but wisely chose a Toyota Yaris. It costs a bit more, but it's a really good little car.

26th Aug 2011, 20:14

I just took my car in today because I was concerned about a scraping noise sometimes coming from the left front wheel, particularly when I turned right - the ball joint is shot. This is a very serious problem, so you should probably get yours checked.

2006 Pontiac Wave from North America


Good car for the price


I do regular oil changes - slight tapping from one of the lifters, but a proper oil flush helped that.

Hit a curb, and not hard either, but folded the control arm, but did not damage any of the other drive assembly; so far so good.

General Comments:

They seem to have gone up in price - that could just be my local area. It is not worth more than $15,000.00 tops. Air/Tilt -no C/C, MP3/CD, cloth seats.

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Review Date: 28th January, 2010