2007 Pontiac Wave from North America


Awesome little car


My front right wheel bearing went at 60,000 ks.

My front left wheel bearing went at 80,000 ks.

General Comments:

I was surprised by all the negative reviews on this car.

It has been a wonderful car for us. Terrific on gas, averaging 46 MPG highway.

Only wheel bearings have been replaced. Been driven hard. No rattles, handles great, very quick, and after having it for six years, it still runs like new.

I really didn't expect to keep it this long. As it was cheap, I have red lined it many times, and it will lay rubber in second gear on manual shift.

It has been virtually indestructible, so again I am very surprised about the negativity.

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Review Date: 14th February, 2013

2007 Pontiac Wave from North America


Very poor quality, shouldn't be worth more than 9,000


First I had to replace a ball joint at 35,000 km.

Then the rear axle bushings went, which required a new rear axle. That happened at 40,000 km, and it took them 2 weeks to get the part in.

At 42,000 km I had to replace the same ball joint again. There was a strange noise in the front end, and I was told that the sway bar needed to be tightened as the bolts were loose.

At 59,000 km, I had to replace the front bushings.

Now at 65,000 km, I lost all power, and the car shook uncontrollably, and it is sitting at the dealers waiting for a back order part. I was told that one of the sensors is gone, but no one has really given me a straight answer, other than it is under warranty and it will take a week for it to arrive.

General Comments:

I would describe it as good on gas and it's a disposable car. Not something that you would expect to last any number of years. Not very comfortable.

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Review Date: 20th September, 2010

8th Nov 2010, 18:51

I also bought a 2007 Pontiac Wave.

I've had nothing but problems with this vehicle.

I had to replace ball joints, alternator, battery, air breather, wheel bearings, tie-rod ends, rear axle, bushings and not counting all the small things.

Also on this car you can't keep tires. They wear out no matter how much you pay for them.

I had the rear axle replaced 6 months ago and it's gone again. I'm very upset as you can't just buy the parts, you have to buy the whole axle.

These problems started 3 months after we bought this car. It looked like a good car at the time, but once you got it for a few months all the problems started.

I will never buy another GM car for as long as I live and I will make sure that my family & friends will know!

I've also sent letters to the GM head office with no response. Just know that I'm not happy with the service from GM or the Wave.

2007 Pontiac Wave SE 1.6L from North America


I would never buy another car from GM!


I have just purchased a Pontiac Wave (4) SE on October 9,2007. I was told that car was a great car, got all the upgrades with the sunroof, spoiler, crome handles etc. I was also told the gas mileage was GREAT on the car. I looked at the specs on the window and it looked like a good deal. However the first tank of gas I got 530/km city driving.. then I was getting 241/km to a tank. I didn't change the fuel at any time. It has gone through 1 oil change. I brought the car in for them to look at, the thermostat was stuck open, well why didn't the check engine light go on? Still got bad mileage same 250/km to the tank full. GM is now looking into the problem asking me to write down and keep receipts of the gas. That's great, but I'm not getting what the specs on the car state. This gas problem seems to be a big issue with the Pontiac Waves!

General Comments:

The car doesn't get to a warm temperature for 20 minutes after driving it.

The seats are some what uncomfortable and stiff.

The gas mileage is terrible!

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Review Date: 15th January, 2008

16th Apr 2008, 12:55

I have same problem; gas mileage. I expected to drive two hours most days 215 round trip $21 at $1.15 per liter.

11th Mar 2010, 12:04

My gas mileage is also terrible! I have to fill up approximately 200km... not what I expected.

My car has had several issues... GM has "never seen this before". For example, the passenger airbag light stays ON even with someone in the seat.

Also, there was an issue with the computer that caused my engine to rock, rev the RPMs and shoot the car at crazy speeds. It also died when I was merging onto the highway.

Recently, my horn started going off when the car was locked & not turned on. It had been parked for over 20 minutes. We couldn't get it to stop!

Oh, and the headlight is sporadic. I would almost GIVE the car away.