2008 Pontiac Wave SE 1.6 from North America


A pleasant, comfortable, nicely equipped city runabout


The air conditioning system needs to be recharged. We had a late summer last year (2011), and did not need to use it until late August, and found it it no longer works. I have not bothered fixing it yet. I am hoping it will be a cheap fix or covered by the warranty, but I am sure it will not be.

General Comments:

This is a good car for what it is designed for; a city runabout. The hatchback design allows me to haul various items with ease.

I remember seeing a review of the car on Driving Television in 2009, and they told prospective purchasers to think carefully before buying a fully loaded model, and that maybe for a bit more money, getting a more basic model of the Pontiac Vibe. It was a valid point, and when I purchased my Wave, I did compare the two models. I decided I would rather have a smaller vehicle, that is easier to park, and fully loaded for a more pleasurable driving experience, than a basic, stripped down car.

Fuel economy is the only thing I am disappointed with. But, I guess coming from a Firefly (the 1.3L 4 cyl model) my expectations were a little high. I average around 350km per tank of gas, where on the Firefly it was around 500km per tank, same driving - stop and go city driving only. I know the Wave is a heavier vehicle with a slightly larger engine, but I was not expecting that much of a difference.

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Review Date: 26th March, 2012

10th Oct 2013, 12:17

If you're having problems with the A/C, there is a very simple thing to do. You must run the A/C all year round. Yes, in the Winter too, so that it will not seize up.

The air in my 2008 is SO good that I don't use my A/C!

26th Jun 2018, 09:40

The air is used all year long. It cycles during defrost in the winter; both to dry out that melted snow and slush in the car and to keep the A/C seals lubed and in use.

2008 Pontiac Wave SE 1.6 from North America


I love it


I have had no problems.

General Comments:

For a small economy car, this car does very well.

The ride is not as good as a full size, but is adequate.

Seats are very comfortable, and fully adjustable.

Power is good and gas mileage very good.

Excellent traction on snow, even with the standard A/S.


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Review Date: 20th June, 2010

9th Jun 2018, 22:55

I want to purchase a used 2008 Pontiac Wave. I have read different comments on it, positive and negative. Can you tell me what are the problems with them?

10th Jun 2018, 18:09

I have had no problems.

2008 Pontiac Wave from North America


I think I got a lemon, the non lemon version is probably really good


Window chipped in first month.

Paint chipped off numerous parts of car resulting in much time spent at Dealers getting painted.

Door became unaligned, first month, and scratched paint off the car.

Rust on front passenger side fender of car in first month. Dealership stated GM uses rust colour primer, however upon contacting GM, this is not the case. This spot was painted.

Water leaking into the truck causing paint to bubble, first month.

Windows fog despite all settings. Cannot drive car at this point due to unsafe conditions for baby and I. Almost caused an accident when unable to see my blind spot from window. Police advise not to drive as I may get a ticket. I refuse to drive because I refuse to put my child and others at risk.

At times, transmission will not go into reverse or downshift from 4th to 3rd gear.

(Can contact me at brandy_perry@hotmail.com with any questions or concerns about this information.)

General Comments:

The car is roomy and comfortable, lots of leg room and trunk space. Great for traveling with stroller!

Gas mileage is excellent.

Design is sporty.

I like the feature that requires the driver to lock the door on the outside using the keys, and the lock on the gas tank.

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Review Date: 20th November, 2008

28th Mar 2009, 12:06

I love this car! I knew it was right for me as soon as I test drove it! Love the sun roof and the fact that the back seats fold right up against the front ones for extra room if needed. This has come in very handy!

Problems: Condensation in one of the lights. The dealership replaced it right away so no longer an issue.

General Complaints: THE HORN! It is way too small and whenever I need to use it I have to hunt for it and by that time it is usually too late! They should definitely change the style of the wheel.

4th May 2009, 18:09

Rec'd call from dealer today. They have advised us to bring care in on May 21st for repair. Seems like GM has come through for us.

17th Mar 2010, 21:24

I believed that the Pontiac Wave I bought in 2008 was a great car.

Then the buttons you pull inside for gas and trunk went rusty. And then the windows don't defrost well. I also have a water leak somewhere.

I'm not happy with the car; they also don't make them anymore. That was three weeks after I bought it; that makes me mad. I would have never bought that car, and my brakes have not worked right ever since I got the car, and when taken in to GM, they say nothing.

13th May 2010, 19:00

Front end problems, gas tank problems, frost plug blew, valve cover seals leak, and the oil pressure sensor broke.

3rd Aug 2010, 00:01

I also own a 2008 Pontiac Wave and have had brake problems since the summer of 2009. Paint scaling is a major issue, the back car doors don't close well, and interestingly enough, the fog lights have never been "plugged in"! Dealing with the local dealership has been a nightmare.

I would definitely not recommend this car to anyone!