1978 Porsche 911 SC 3.0 from North America


Fast fun wicked, but expensive to maintain


2 Fuel injectors clogged.

AC is dead.

General Comments:

Very fast and fun machine. Expensive to maintain, but has above averege reliability for a 28 year old car.

Fast fast fast.

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Review Date: 10th August, 2006

1978 Porsche 911 SC 3.0 from UK and Ireland


A timeless classic, that's fun to drive, reliable and an exhaust note to die for


Head light switch.


General Comments:

The Porsche 911Sc is not the quickest, most desirable car in the world today, but owning this car for 15 years has been and still is, a wonderful joy. Although the car is only used on dry days, and always garaged, it has never let me down once.

Where else can you find a car that is as reliable, still looks desireable and turns heads as much as the 911, yet in todays world costs very little to buy and own.

As the owner of several classic and modern performance cars, the 911Sc still is a buzz, and a real pleasure to drive.

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Review Date: 25th December, 2004

1978 Porsche 911 SC from North America


The 1978 911sc is a fantastic classic!


There were some small oil leaks that required repair.

The windshield wiper fluid motor stopped working.

The fuel relay switch broke.

General Comments:

This car is fantastic! My absolute dream car. The experience of owning this classic is better than expected. It's a daily driver and what fun it is. The comments I usually receive from strangers is that this model has a "bullet proof engine." I just know that considering its age, I've had very little go wrong with it and it has never left me stranded. It's a joy to drive. Pure engine.

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Review Date: 20th October, 2004

20th Aug 2006, 20:26


I am in a process of purchasing a '77 Porsche 911 with about 140,000 miles on it. What should I look for and how expensive are parts. Person is asking $10,000, is that a reasonable price. Thank you, email me back at matijafojs@gmail.com.

Matija Fojs.

1978 Porsche 911 SC 3.0 from North America


It is a very well engineered car to last so long.


Air conditioner compressor leaked and failed.

Alternator stopped working at 180,000 miles.

Window washer pump seized. It was easy to fix.

Shift linkage bushings and joint wore out.

Car leaks a drop of oil after driving.

Heat exchangers rusted out.

Distributor wore out its bearings and began squealing.

Capacitive Discharge unit failed twice since I bought the car.

One tiny tear on driver's seat.

General Comments:

This car is pretty solid for being 25 years old.

It still goes up to 120mph pretty quickly.

It handles precisely.

It gets positive comments from strangers all the time.

People leave business cards under the windshield wipers with " if you ever want to sell, please call".

It's expensive to buy replacement parts for it.

It is a difficult car to work on.

After fixing all of the neglected items that had worn out, I've been driving it with only regular maintenance required.

It passed the tough emissions test newly acquired in our state. The technician said it was well below the minimum levels to pass.

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Review Date: 13th September, 2002

18th Sep 2006, 21:16

Couldn't disagree more about the difficult to work on comment, pop it open and take a look, EASY car to work on and very simple to boot. fuel pump, fuel distributor, cap, rotor wires, that's it, no computer, sensors fault codes or headaches. the way cars were meant to be..