2010 Porsche 911 Carrera 3.8 H-6 from North America


World's best sports car...


The EGV had to be replaced at 5,000 miles. It took 4 weeks to replace because parts were on back order in Stuttgart Germany. Once it was replaced, another EGV had to be replaced at 8,000 miles. Both were under warranty. The 4 week wait time almost made me return this 911 back to the dealer. They gave me a new Porsche Cayenne S during the repair, but it made me miss my new 911 even more.

Failed ignition at 9,000 miles.

Significant oil consumption starting at 8,000 miles. Had to add 1.5 quarts every week until the problem was resolved by the dealer, under warranty.

Tire pressure indicator gauge needed to be replaced at 9,000 miles.

Front brakes needed service at 10,000 miles.

(Do these problems have to do with VW's involvement? I see some parts indicative of coming from VW's parts bins...)

General Comments:

This is one of the best sports cars I have ever owned. The PDK 7 speed dual-clutch transmission is flawless. It communicates extremely well with the driver and engine. The PDK is far better than the VF transmission in my older Turbo. The PDK is manufactured by Aisin in Japan, and I believe Porsche made the right decision to use them for their dual-clutch system.

The 3.8 liter engine is strong and very much different than the previous generation 911. The exhaust note is 100% boxer-engine with a very well tuned growl. I prefer listening to the engine rather than the 8 speaker Bose system.

Handling is excellent during all types of driving. It is RWD, but I have driven this through snow and ice storms without any problems.

Front LED accents was newly added. Rear LED is also new for Porsche. The Porsche Adaptive HID lights are excellent. Koito Japan supplies this. I've had many problems with the Xenon headlights on my Turbo that were made by Hella.

The interior is functional, simple, and nicely displayed. Perhaps it is a bit dull when compared to 4S and Turbo models.

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Review Date: 22nd May, 2013

25th Mar 2016, 19:57

I regularly see Porsche on the streets here in Montreal, Canada, despite the terrible roads and winter season (we use winter tires by law). One thing I wonder is how owners live with the very low seating position? These cars are so low to the ground; today even a Sentra has got into the higher driving seat trend.