24th Apr 2003, 23:38

I would agree with Sir - the car is an experience, and one I miss. I had an 81 911 SC, a 94 911 C4 widebody, a 98 M3 convertible, and so on. While the newer cars are overall much nicer, better, faster, etc., the old SC was just fun, because it was fun at reasonably legal speeds (whereas the 94 911 only got fun at speeds that would land me in jail...). At any rate, fun is in the eye of the beholder.

18th Jun 2003, 12:41

In reference to the person that thinks the newer cars are just better and addresses as Sir.

You don't seem to have a clue what this person is enjoying about his car and by the sounds of it you probably never will.

Cars are generally losing personality as the years go on. The raw edge of a true sports car is something to enjoy in itself. If we continue to refine that feeling out of cars that are meant for enjoyment, then we might as well all buy Toyotas.

When I get in my 356SC (with Abarth exhaust) and start ripping into off ramps, I am feeling something that you probably can't comprehend.

22nd Aug 2003, 10:22

Agreed...I'm 3 months into my 1979 911SC Targa, and I am a 28 year old kid in a candy store. It is SO MUCH fun to drive, and a comment made earlier really resounded with me. It is so exhiliarating to drive even at reasonable speeds. When am I going to have a need for 180 mph? I hit 135 and thought I had died and gone to heaven. I've driven new fast machines (not Porsche's, mind you)...the experience in my '79 911 is at the top of the heap... and nearly 25 years old!!!

3rd Jul 2007, 21:27

I recently acquired a 1977 911S. I am 50 years old and have driven many cars since I got my license at 16. The 1977 911 is, without doubt, the BEST car I have driven. It does not have the comfort of a modern car such as electronic windows, air conditioning, and power everything, but the character and the driving experience I have with this car is unmatched. There is a difference between transportation and a driving experience, the older 911's provide the latter.

2nd Sep 2007, 08:57

My son and I just purchased a 1977 3.0 coupe and to drive a well engineered machine is priceless.

9th Feb 2009, 15:33

I just purchased a 1977 911S with a 1982 Rebuilt SC motor. It is the best drivers car I have ever driven. It is quick fun to drive at any speed and turns heads even if it is 31 years old. I would put this car up against the best of them on any road that has some twists and turns.

13th Sep 2009, 08:26

Oh how droll are Miss (9th Dec 2001, 17:27)'s comments! Seems to me she must enjoy the car doing all the work!

Well after all wheel drifts around any bend, an Audi S3 can be pointed at in the rain and at downright silly speeds. I am thoroughly bored of how advanced our technology has dumbed down the driving experience. So it's time to buy my long desired 911. As a Porsche fan from childhood, I do pretty much like them all, and here's where I'm at in my test-drive elimination:

996 - drives like a modern car, it's fast but it could be a nice new Volvo! Just too boring! Now I'm sure I'd love the turbo, but realistically there's nowhere in Oz to really enjoy it apart from a track

964 - drove after the 996 - yes this is more like it, a really nice blend of modern and that rawness of the past - I want it.

Well that was until I drove an 84 3.2 Carrera. This thing was in very poor condition, but oh the smile on my face had me sold! It was also nice to get "those" looks from the public, not the "oh look at me in my flash car" looks, the same looks as I get driving my 78 kombi camper - true appreciation and joy!

So now I'm on the arduous search to find a 3.0L or 3.2L 911 in good nic, the only down side is now it's going to cost me as much as a used 996 with less km's on the clock, still the choice is a no brainer!

I do hope Miss (9th Dec 2001, 17:27) speeds past me one day as the smile on my face will still be greater than hers :)