3rd Jul 2002, 14:20

So what you're saying is your opinion is different than the reviewer's? Different strokes for differetn folks, ya know? He seems to like it well enough. I always wonder what it is that makes people slam other people for their choice in vehicles...

6th Jul 2002, 12:28

But that's the whole point of comments? Anyone can come here to add their views, good and bad, whether owners or not. The original entry was a little dilute -- "I think it's just great and that's all you need to know" -- and the comment above tries to be informative, even if it is a little biting. But what you many people may not understand is that the 996 is _just_ as described, a toned down version of its fantastic forebears. It's a car for everyone and has lost its exclusivity. It is not the hard-as-nails sports car of yesteryear, neither sounding nor behaving as it once did. Whether all that is a good thing or a bad thing is down to the driver and right now right here we have two opposite views -- that's what makes sites like this so great! You're not presented with a one-sided view of the marque, written by a dreamer who's just spent upwards of $90K on a toy and wouldn't dream of slamming it while he's still justifying the purchase to his wife.

In all honesty, the fact you've added nothing to the debate by choosing to write about the reviews rather than about the cars is a little hypocritical. If anyone needs to think before they press the "Add Comment" button, it's you. --Jamie.

6th Jul 2002, 19:25

OK, OK, you're right. I added nothing at all to the discussion. Basically, that was me venting at all the comments that really are slamming someone personal choice in autos. And the original comment wasn't even a good example of that. My fault, sorry! Was having a grumpy day, I suppose.

You do raise a very good point -- there are way too many short reviews on here, ones that say basically nothing at all. I've written 5 or 6, and I think I've done a pretty decent job of it. They're all 700 words or so, and at least touch on all the important aspects. This is a great site, and it would be a lot better if more people wrote more thoughtful reviews.

Ramble, ramble, ramble. FWIW, I think all the current Porsches are way too civilized and toned down. But to each their own, right?

28th Jul 2002, 00:22

996 Toned down?

It accelerates and corners faster. It brakes harder. It has a higher top speed. It also laps Nurburgring much quicker than any previous normally aspirated model.

My perspective: smoother is not necessarily toned down. Actually, for racing, smoother is faster.

21st Jun 2003, 14:50

Why revert to the "snarl" of an aircooled flat six when they could revert to the lovely, deafening, obnoxious noise an Abarth 356 makes?

I think a lot of Porcshe people are a little disappointed in the loss of personality in the new water cooled line. Porcshe have to stay in business somehow and raw wasn't making enough money a few years back.

Myself, I own a plain 993 and my beautiful obnoxious montser (64 356SC w/Abarth exhaust). I have no interest in the new refined 911 but my dad bought one and he doesn't like to ride in my cars because of the reason I like them.

Like they say different strokes...

4th Jan 2004, 05:28

Porsche 911 is a race car. Race cars go fast. The new Type 996 in its various variants is the fastest of all previous 911 models.

If you are buying the car to play tunes, or tones, well that's not why Porsche is building them. Porsche music is wonderful, and each car's is different, but complaining about the sound just misses the point: it's the racing.

Sound is for the kids jacking their bargain imports, who need *something* to make people look, 'cause it isn't going to be their lap times.

20th Sep 2005, 05:16

I agree with the previous guy, I ended up buying an 84 911 Carrera, not because I could'nt afford a 996 or 997, but because Porsche I believe have gone away from there roots.

Throughout there history Porsche was always known for there build quality and engineering evolution. Knowadays there just mass producing vehicles, like every other manufacturer. Its not uncommon to hear 911's barely 12 months old with engine and transmission leaks, not to mention blown engines. I love the new style of the 997 and 997 911, but come on! water cooled!, no thanks.

20th Feb 2006, 09:43

When the 996 was introduced, it was widely criticised in the manner of the first respondent to this post. The gentleman who originally posted owned a car that had benefited from five years of development - anybody who knows Porsches will know what that means. Is it too much to accept that his post reflected his genuine feelings??

Recent literature I have read seems to suggest that the 993 model, while great in its day, is now best observed through rose-tinted glasses. One article suggested that in going from the 993 to the 996, the improvements were so great that it was as though they had skipped an entire intermediate series. Another reviewer was disappointed by the uninspiring noise made by a standard 993. Another could not believe that a car built in 1998 (a very late model 993 presumably) could have such an antiquated dash.

The so-called 'Porsche purists' seem to exist only to bemoan every change that is made, without realising that it is this progress that makes Porsche the marque that it is.

I submit that a 997 or late-series 996 are so far ahead of any 993 or earlier Porsche that the only plausible reason for preferring the older model is for 'rawness' or nostalgia. These are valid reasons, for some people, but please don't pretend that they were better cars. The game has moved on, my friends.

13th Mar 2006, 05:59

Great sum up above!

It's called evolution that the 996 is an advancement over the 993 and I believe it was noise restrictions that killed the air cooled engine (what's wrong with a water jacket anyhow?).

If you want to get upset about Porsche diluting its history, moan about the Cayenne...

16th May 2006, 12:52

A few years ago, I saw a TV show that had the top 100 most popular cars. First place was the Porsche 911, and it was that instant, that I fell in love with germany's great sports car. It's an Icon; Nothing can compare to the 911 from what I have seen. In about four years time, I will be able to buy my first car. I am considering a 996 Carrera. drove some on play-station, but I am sure the real thing will be a delight to own. It will make a big changes from the japanese 5 door hatchbacks my dad always buys.

16th Dec 2006, 09:57

I think reliability is relative here. The "911" will be significantly more reliable than a Ferrari or Lamborghini, but a lot less reliable than a WRX STI or Evo, and maintenance will be more. But it all depends on what you're after. The WRX (to be replaced in 2008 I believe) and the Evo (replaced soon) both have very cheap interiors that clearly point out their ecocar roots. That said, Porsches have cheap interiors compared to, say, a similarly priced BMW M5 or Aston Martin (if you're comparing the Turbo).

But WRX/Evo buyers aren't looking for luxury and Porsche buyers really shouldn't be either (although you know a lot of posers are).