12th May 2007, 05:40

With reference to the comments about the Ferrari vs Porsche debate, 3 years ago I made the mistake of buying a 1999 911 c2, I had the car 5 weeks and traded it in for a Ferrari 348 losing 6k in the process. In 3 days time I will be going to pick up my 2004 996 turbo trading the Ferrari in. I have loved this car, but I know what you mean about the 'in your face' presence of the Ferrari. eg. you can't have a quick nose pick if no one is looking, coz they always are! All things aside though, there must be something about the Porsche that draws you in as it is the only car in my budget that I would dream of trading the 348 for. Yes it is more understated, but for an all rounder, what even comes close with 4 seats? I do use the car most days of the week as well. After the test drive I was left with a huge smile, infact I'm sure my ears have been moved back slightly to make room! anything to look out for would be helpful.

30th Oct 2007, 13:32

Leaves being ingested via the front air intakes and the resulting rust damage to the rads is a well known problem with the 996TT

29th Mar 2008, 19:10

I have had 2. A 2003 x50 and now a 2007 turbo. I have also driven a 996 and 997 GT3.

The turbo is an outstanding all rounder. It handles well and has phenomenal torque. The x50 option on the 03 and the new one seem equally as fast, but the 07 is far more comfortable. The x50 pounds. Four wheel drive is excellent on both, but I think the 03 was more stable on the track. Reliability is not Toyota-like, but has been better than my BMWs.

These are not, however, the sports cars you might think.

The turbo is a super/GT in my view. The GT3 is the sports model, although I prefer the toys in the turbo, the softer ride, the 4 wheel drive, the monster torque at 3 to 6 thousand RPM, and the all weather capability of the car.

The only real competitor is the Audi A8, but I cannot get over how it looks and the lack of emergency seating for 4.

Own one of these before you get too old!

30th Apr 2008, 10:41

Oil consumption on 996 911 turbo X50 2004.

I get around 2,000 miles for about 1.5 litres of engine Oil is that what you guys get also, or is this a sign of trouble. Apart from that the power is awsome the handling go kart like in all weathers even with a bit of body flexing being a cab.

Having previously owned a 996 C2 the turbo is in a completely different league and clean blows away the GTI's and M3's who try to hang on to the rear bumpers.

12th May 2008, 22:52

I think my 2001 996 turbo is the best and fastest car for the money in the world, although it has a stage 3 performance upgrade from FVD and is still a daily driver, it is relatively trouble free. Although you must change the spark plugs every 10000 miles or so, at 650 plus horsepower it's well worth it. You could buy this type car in the US now at a steal while the dollar's down.