15th Jun 2005, 15:30

So far what I've read here holds true with the car. Its interesting stumbling onto this site. I was trying to find out some info on the SC. I just picked up my first. 83 SC with almost 130,000 and it runs perfect. Perhaps I'll update this comment later this months as I drive the car more. So far, I've only logged 5 miles and that was to the insurance Co., but I got there and back sporting a grin.

Keep it under 100 all.

9th Oct 2005, 18:54

I agree with the original comment, I own an 84 Carrera 3.2litre and I must say these are the pick of the litter.

Initially I was looking at a newer model, but after talking to a close friend who is also a Porsche technician, working for Porsche who advised against buying the newer models because of there poor build quality and inherent problems.

The quality of the SC and Carrera are great. Mine has over 194000kms, no oil leaks and still running very strong for its age. The car is very solid and well built, what you would expect from a Porsche. Before buying you must do your homework, if you buy a poor example,can cost you heaps in repairs. I believe these are the last of the real 911's. They have that angry sound, a true drivers car.

10th Dec 2005, 23:06

Does anyone know of an after-market air conditioning kit that can be installed in a 1983 model 911SC? Mine was never fitted with a/c and where I live, it needs it!

9th Apr 2006, 12:35

I own a 1983 911SC coupe with just over 100,000 miles. This is, hands down, the most outstanding automobile I have ever owned. These cars are machines... racing machines... They are ruggedly built, yet elegant and a joy to drive. Mine had two prior owners... both business types... that did not race the car. It's had all regular maintenance, along with normal upgrades. Totally stock... no afte rmarket parts, seats or steering wheel. Virtually problem free. It has some parking lot dings and will need a paint job. It will also be time for a transmission rebuild in a few years. Overall an awesome automobile. If you buy one make sure you know the vehicle history in detail. Many of these cars were not pampered. You want to know about prior owners, plus service records and accident info. It's possible to find these with very low mileage. Take your time and find a good one... you'll be VERY happy!

20th Apr 2006, 21:38

I too am a proud owner of an '83 911 SC. My wife and I just brought her back from Hawaii where I had left her (the 911) almost three years ago in storage. According to all the paper work that came with the car it had spent all its life in the paradise state with probably two previous owners. The 911 was a sight for sore eyes when lifting the garage door on her on our trip back to Hawaii. A bit dusty around the edges, but looking as sleek and sexy as the day I had left her we towed her to the gang at 'Air-cooled Engines' where she got a bit of a makeover before loading her into a container bound for mainland. A couple weeks later we picked her up in Tacoma and trailered her here to our home in Canada, on Vancouver Island. We're now in the process of running her through the Provincial inspection process and tweaking her up for the road. Can hardly wait to show this machine off a bit. The '83 911 SC has 'style' and 'performance' written all over it and the metallic 'Champagne' body colour with dark accents make her a showstopper. Definitely a one of a kind piece of performance art.

21st Apr 2006, 14:19

Hi car people. I have been noticing some comments about the 80's 911 A/C performance and know something about it. I had a Gray market business in South Florida and The only weaker A/c was in a Contach. BUT in both cars I would install extra condensers with fan and improve them vary much. That isn't much of an expense. Flipping the door up at lights in the Lambo did get a lot of attention, but not cool. Don of motor sport engineering, Pompano Beach (has been closed for years.)

14th May 2006, 11:11

I, too, own a 83' 911 SC. It is a joy to drive! Far too many times do I find myself craving to drive this machine on the winding and hilly country roads or just around town (in 2nd gear). You don't need to speed to enjoy the power. The raw gurgling of the engine is orgasmic.

Just broke 100k and it is just getting broke in. Everything works after 23 years, solid, firm and dependable. Replaced the leather on the front buckets, new paint, tensioners, clutch, etc. It is cherry! Get looks and comments from 5 year olds to grandpas wanting to "borrow" it.

Porsche Lives! Truely a remarkable machine.

2nd Jun 2006, 21:49

Hi. Just stumbled onto this page. I have an 83 911SC. I love the vehicle, but have not driven it in a while and I'm now paying for the neglect. Just shelled out over $1500 to fix the fuel line, the ignition, the loose steering wheel. I shudder to think there's more coming down the pike.

That being said, I'm vowing to give my little baby the tender loving care it deserves from here on.

To the poster who just had his or her's painted... may I ask? How much did that cost? How much did the refurbishing of the seats cost?

Thanks in advance...

Porsche lover in Norfolk, VA.

17th Aug 2006, 08:17

Hello all.

I also just found this website and am hoping someone can steer me in the right direction. I have a 83 911SC Cabriolet with 37k original miles. I am the 2nd owner. It had the 32K major performed prior to us buying it. At 36k my car has developed a "popping/backfire" noise while under medium accelerations. I have installed new plugs, wires, distributor cap, O2 sensor, rechecked timing, new fuel filter and recently had the warm-up regulator rebuilt. The car runs beautifully as long as you don't step into the throttle. My wife can drive like this, but I just can't...the car just begs for throttle!

Any advise in further troubleshooting would be greatly appreciated. While the new parts have improved the performance, the popping is still there and this is becoming expensive. I live in Michigan and haven't been able to find a Porsche mechanic close-by.



18th Sep 2006, 21:08

I have the first of the SC's the 78, and this is just an outstanding vehicle. Bullet proof and a blast to drive. I have overhauled this vehicle myself and it is easy and a pleaseure to work on, parts are plentifull and cheap compared to parts of modern automakers and the labour is all mine, a tinkerers dream. For all those who have questions above. Rennlist has the answers.

9th Nov 2006, 21:43

Stumble, trip, fall, I found the site! Hey all... I love my 23 y. old Porsche 911SC (83) 116,000 plus and runs strong. I just picked it up a week ago and has a minor oil leak I need to research, and the smell of fuel in the cabin when I get in her in the mornings, but, by far it is the car of my dreams and will love it till I die, then, someone else can enjoy her. The A/C works great, and I live in the desert. It's an original desert car and I'm not sure how many owners she has had. I will give her lots of TLC and enjoy the comments from many car lovers to come. Clif in Tucson, AZ. CCLARK20@COX.net