1976 Porsche 914 2.0 from North America


Go kart that is finally getting the love it deserves


Turn signal didn't cancel because the previous owner put in a different steering wheel and broke the original signal.

Fan doesn't work, so I might pull it to see if it is rusted or filled with leaves. It might need to be replaced or not... fine without it so far.

Seals need to be replaced ($600 from 914rubber.com).

Targa handles broke off; I think I stored the top incorrectly (user error).

No heat, but I have all the parts and just need a few heater hoses and I'm good.

1st gear is a bit temperamental, but works.

General Comments:

As a kid, this was my first car crush. Not the 911, but the 914. I think the shape appealed to me, not the performance (obviously, when compared to a 911). How many people can say they own their first car crush?

The performance, as many have said, is evident on corners. If you want an off the line burner, this isn't it. If you want a street legal go kart, this is the ticket. I thought about a Miata, but went with my first love. I always get looks/finger points (good ones, not the middle finger)/comments. I have been approached by a few people that were prior owners and they ALL regret selling their car.

Finding a minimally rusted one is the key. Mine is from California and made its way to Washington state. As stated elsewhere, the "hell hole" under the battery and rust along the longitudinal support beams are the places to look for rust.

914world.com members could help you out if you have questions. I bought a member's car when I asked for help looking at another car on Craigslist (that car was a bust, but the member's car was a show car in comparison).

This is an old car... you have to like a little gas smell, noise, road feedback, and quirks. If you don't, buy a newer car and leave this for an enthusiast (or a regretful prior owner trying to buy another one).

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 18th May, 2015