1980 Porsche 924 Turbo Series 1 from North America


Fast fun for a little money


Seats had tears when purchased.

Several small oil leaks due to dry hoses.

Sunroof seal needed replaced.

General Comments:

Purchased car for $1200. After some general maintenance, the car runs like a top. It is seriously fast with very little turbo lag. As my wife describes it, "You are running and then someone comes behind you and starts pushing you faster."

Handles better than anything I have ever driven. 90 degree turns easily at speed in 4th gear.

We owned a Cavalier and now a Jimmy for daily drivers, and the old 924 is by far our favorite. Has handling and speed, with fuel economy in the mid 20's mpg.

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Review Date: 28th May, 2009

1980 Porsche 924 turbo S from North America


The best sports car bang for buck around... when properly maintained


Speedometer is broken, hence same mileage. Smokes when cold or under deceleration.

Gorgeous silver paint was covered white by very poor Maaco job.

1st, 2nd gear synchros are all, but useless, and worn shift bushings cause difficulties going into 2nd and fourth gears (requires a very precise movement). Lower-to-Upper Air Intake bolt broke, causing rich condition under boost. Wastegate bracket is either loose broken, which rattles under 2000rpm. Interior is in poor shape due to leak in sunroof and footwells. Air conditioning was disabled by PO removing belt. Heater blower fan seized.

General Comments:

Aside from the aforementioned problems, the car is remarkably fun to drive when equipped with the optional suspension package, and very responsive when put through its paces. Jarring ride on lesser-maintained roads, but communication from the steering wheel is amazing.

When purchasing tires, you must be aware of rim width and tire width when making your decision. If you have factory 16x6.5 wheels, stay with 205/55R16 tires. Going wider will cause the rear end to wander in corners.

When PROPERLY maintained (or freshly rebuilt), these cars are absolutely amazing, despite what I consider menial turbo lag (thanks to the stiff intake tubes). The sound is incredible, the feel is solid, and the look is smooth and sexy. The addition of other, more open, Porsche rims would definitely improve the look and feel, as would the slightly larger 944 or CGT rear spoilers.

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Review Date: 19th December, 2004

19th Dec 2004, 20:11

Sounds like a gem.

20th Dec 2004, 08:21

The 924 is like the Rodney Dangerfield of Porsches: you don't get no respect.

Probably the cheapest way possible to be able to say that you own a Porsche.

Even an old 914 (criticized for being a VW, not a "real" Porsche), in halfway decent condition, seems to bring more money than a 924!

26th Jun 2006, 02:58

Well, since I have has the Porsche 924, I have found it to be a fun wild little car. I have a 1980, non-Turbo, and get some wider tires, better suspension, and some engine upgrades, and it is a very good performer.

As for the interior, the parts are built and put together very well, but I don't like the door handle, it is little cheap. The styling of the car is superb.

Overall the car is a great car, and for a teenager to own one, it gets alot of looks on the street.

9th Sep 2007, 10:19

I would never recommend buying one of these cars unless it was to someone that might buy mine. They do not have any resale value (probably worth more in scrap) and are extremely gutless, and if it does have the turbo, you better be handy with a wrench. Overall an absolutely horrible car other than the styling. I have since owned a 1984 GSL-SE RX-7 which is like night and day. (hell, even my 1991 Dodge 250 turbo diesel with the IP turned up would outrun it anyday).

3rd Oct 2007, 11:17

Hi there

Interested in the opening remark regarding 924, I have a turbo and am experiencing excessive exhaust vibrations when on boost so over 3000 rpm - any ideas about whats up??