1984 Porsche 924 Non-Turbo Manual from Jordan


Fast and Furious, number 1; 25 year ago! and still out-beats the 2005 cars


I had problems fixing the headlights mechanism due to a bump in the front, they still operate badly.

I had electrical problems all throughout due to the many switches and few experienced mechanics.

One major problem was the accuracy of the speedometer and the mileage meter never worked, I never knew how fast and how far I was going :), I got those fixed recently.

The seats wear out and were changed twice and the dash board cracked so often along with the steering wheel.

I recently, had to work the body and interiors.

I did not face any major mecahnical problems, only the usual service and maintenance work.

General Comments:

All in all, this car is like a dream and very fun to drive. We had it from generation to generation, and finally I got my ride. Every time I drive it, it is like a new drive. Recently, I fully refurbished it's looks from the outside and inside, it just looks great now. Though, I misplaced the sticker with the word PORSCHE at the back, I would need to place it right with the same original font/ size and colors. Could you offer your assistance.

Many thanks and have a fun 924 ride!!

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Review Date: 28th February, 2005

6th Mar 2005, 05:37

Which 2005 cars are you talking about? it's just a Volkswagen with Porsche stickers.

7th Mar 2005, 14:42

You say it out-beats the 2005 cars, but you only rated performance and reliability at 6 and 7, respectively?

How is that possible?

27th Apr 2005, 20:12

OK, if you posers knew anything about what you are talking about you would know that even if it is made with VW parts, it was designed and built by Porsche - the original Porsche- the 356 was also made of VW parts. And to be totally correct, many of them are actually Audi parts. So if you are going to call a Porsche a VW, you had better be calling that Audi TT a VW, that Hummer a GM, and the Saturn's GM, and all the Mazda pickups are Fords. Oh, and who makes the McLaren - hmm, so it's just a BMW - what's so special about it then? Cars are not always good because of the parts that make them up, but also the way those parts are put together, and with what they are put together. I bet your 2005 will not be in as good a shape 21 years from now as an '84 Porsche is today.

As for beating todays cars, not everything is about straight line speed - anyone can go fast in a straight line - that takes no skill or balance, just a fat wallet. A good driving and HANDLING car must have a good balance, the 924 has almost perfect balance at 51/49%. You find me another car not made by Porsche even from 2005 that can give you that. Take the stock 924 to the track, (A REAL TRACK - not a straight line) and it will out-corner most stock street cars from 2005 - it is light nimble and very well balanced.

So before you accuse someone of being a poser, make sure you know what you are talking about and not being a poser yourself... - have you driven one?

PORSCHE - There is NO substitute.

BTW, I do not own an '84 924 - but I have driven a few cars (including 924's) in my life - and I do own an 80's Porche

1984 Porsche 924 Targa 2.0 from Finland


I paid for an Audi, but got a Porsche!


Sunroof (Targa-roof) and rear hatch leaked water, but cleaning seals helped.

Some electrical problems with extra front-lights and sunroof's motor.

Doors jam easily during winter (due to freezing).

General Comments:

Excellent to drive. Even if it lacks power (for a Porsche), it corners like a Porsche.

Low maintenance and reliable car.

Low spare-part's costs, even when compared to "normal" familycars, not to mention other Porsche's.

Cabin fits easily 2m tall persons (on front). Rear seats only for children at best.

Targa (sunroof) is a must at summer. You can even drive 120km/h (max.limit in Finland) without roof, with no wind in the cabin!

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Review Date: 5th January, 2005

1984 Porsche 924 2.0 from UK and Ireland


A driver's dream and a sporty tourer


Batteries have repeatedly died - however I blame this on a lack of use (once a month) and a thirsty immobiliser.

Rear hatch leaks appallingly.

Gearbox has been rebuilt (£300)

Replaced rear brake drums (Volkswagen spares - £15 each!)

Increasingly concerned at the prospect of a ban on lead replacement petrol!

General Comments:

The car is superbly balanced - the front mounted engine and rear-mounted gearbox help in this respect and make it feel like driving a souped-up go-kart.

Apart from a gearbox rebuild, there have been no major works so far. I make sure the car is regularly serviced once a year (£200).

With the rear seat down, the back can accommodate a lot of luggage, making it great for touring.

My previous car, a Ford Sierra cost £2,500 and lasted 5 years until it fell apart and was sold for £100. The Porsche cost me £3,000 still has no rust and apart from needing a new battery every 18months has been relatively trouble free. I would expect to sell for not less than £2,500 (if I was to sell).

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Review Date: 28th August, 2002

1984 Porsche 924 2.0 NA from Portugal


Strongly recommended!


Nothing to report.

The only thing this car needs is regular maintenance.

General Comments:

It is a very reliable car. The performance could be a little better, but we must remember that the concept was from the seventies (the first model year was 1976).

I recommend it for someone looking for this kind of car.

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Review Date: 30th April, 2000