1986 Porsche 924 S 2.5 from UK and Ireland


A practical modern classic!


Alternator failed.

Washer pump failed.

Switch for electric wing mirrors replaced.

Wiper column stalk replaced.

Battery failed.

Brake discs/pads front and rear replaced.

Brake caliper replaced.

Rear tail light occasionally wouldn't work (needed banging to start working!).

Oil was leaking onto the exhaust manifold from the engine, making it smoke. Valve was replaced.

Speedometer stopped working.

General Comments:

Mine was a 924 with a 'proper' Porsche engine, NOT the VW van engine!!

I had a 2.5 150 BHP lump in mine, basically half a 928 V8's engine.

These cars are basically now what I'd call modern classics.

Mine was a white one, which looked BRILLIANT!

I could never believe the lack of rust for a car 26 years old when I got rid of it. Perhaps galvanised bodywork helped, who knows, but I got admiring glances, flashed headlights and thumbs up all over the place. Not bad for a car I bought for 2K!

First things first. This is a car designed in the 1970s!! Ergonomics, seating position etc are all therefore, well, not up to modern standards shall we say!! It was entirely possible to drive it with my knees if I wanted to, as the steering wheel was set so low! The screen demister was next to useless (although the heater was ace!).

I've read some owner reports saying their 924 was the best handling car, ever. Well, yes, for its age it handled OK, but come on, it handles well for a car from the 80s, i.e. nowhere near modern car grip levels, no safeguards to speak of such as ABS or ESP; I used to have no trouble locking an inside front tyre under heavy braking, but balance wise, a great car. 50/50 weight distribution down to the transaxle gearbox design, and steering feel you only seem to get from older cars with no power assistance! On an icy, slippery, country back road, the Porker wouldn't be first choice though!!

But, what a great, comfortable car to do a journey in! We took it down the the Goodwood Festival of Speed, to the classic car show at the NEC, and on holiday. I'm always amazed how well older cars ride with their high profile tyres and suspension that won't break your back!!

And the engine was bullet proof, bearing in mind I drove it properly, i.e. like a sports car! It could still wrong foot many modern cars, and I'll never forget 135mph with a brand new 911 up my backside (graciously not overtaking me, although he could've blown me into the middle of next week!)

25 MPG on average, £150 a year to insure on a classic policy, timeless looks, very expensive spares. And, tons of character and fun every time it was driven!

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Review Date: 20th March, 2013

1986 Porsche 924 S 2.5 petrol from Netherlands


Fabby Porsche for plebs, looks best with dents


Clutch release fork bent(!)

Oil/water intercooler seals failed.

Exhaust manifold cracked.

Engine mounts failed.

Various trivial electrical faults.

General Comments:

For a fourteen year-old, 6,000 guilder car, this has been fabulous fun.

Despite the list of mechanical faults, only one (the clutch) actually resulted in a breakdown (the others being merely expensive). This car has ALWAYS started, and with one exception only has always got us home, in great style.

It's fun to drive but rather expensive to maintain (seems to be 4 or 5,000 guilders each year). Worth every cent though.

The downside... I've had to spend almost 1,000 guilders on badges (I've had nine stolen, at about 100 guilders a pop). Booooo!

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Review Date: 19th June, 2000

24th Nov 2001, 12:42

Sounds like you need to be more careful when buying cars. Maybe you should take a class in Auto Mechanics?