1984 Porsche 928 s 4.7 from North America


The car is great


Heater control unit never worked properly. Also, radiator needs to be redesigned, as the plastic sides are not a great way to cool a vehicle.

General Comments:

I love this car. It gives me and my youngest daughter the greatest thrills. The car handles excellent and can handle speeds far above most other cars. The seats are the most comfortable I have ever sat in and as far as cornering, wow is how I can express the feeling.

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Review Date: 27th February, 2006

1984 Porsche 928 928S 4.6 from North America


An amazing ride. The nicest car I have ever owned


Oil leaks.


General Comments:

This is an amazing car to drive. I bought mine for cheap, and have put tons of money into it. HOWEVER, now I know my car is tight and strong.

It handles like you are on rails, and at speed (I have had mine up to 227K), you can barely hear the motor in the drivers compartment.

There is an extraordinary amount of room. I have driven the Boxster & the Carrera and found them cramped (I am a big guy). The 928 has lots of legroom, headroom and seating room.

When you punch the gas there is a sense of utter exhilaration because the car just seems to take a deep breath and blast off like a bat out of hell - even if you were doing 140K at the time.

Mine is a daily drive. I put close to 200K on it per day. It has NEVER failed to start.

Some people like the 85 and onward, I don't. I like the styling of the earlier models - with the chinstrap spoiler; and the motor looks aesthetically a lot nicer.

I would absolutely recommend the car - but not if you are not prepared to maintain it.

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Review Date: 16th October, 2005

1984 Porsche 928 S 5.0 V8 from North America


High maintenance but fun


Steering rack.

A/C compressor.

Torque tube bearings.

Transmission seals.

Transmission cooler lines.

Sparkplug wires.


Sunroof switch.

Brake light assembly.

General Comments:

The car's handling and ride qualities are great.

This car also generates a lot of compliments from other people and looks good.

The only drawback to the car is the high operating costs. Due to the complex nature of the car, this is not for anyone on a budget. You should also be prepared for high insurance costs.

If you are not mechanical, shop bills can get sky high, and a lot of shops are not qualified to work on the 928. Be sure to check with the shop, to make sure they have a lot of experience with the 928, otherwise the mistakes can be expensive.

My best advice is, if you are considering a 928, make sure you have it checked out by a qualified mechanic, otherwise you can end up with a money pit and you won't enjoy the 928 like you should.

I still say the 928 is one of the most fun cars you can drive, and the looks of the car are great.

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Review Date: 25th September, 2001

21st May 2004, 05:37

Why is it so difficult to find a workshop manual for a 1982 Porshe 928 S and more particular the wiring diagram.

This is such a beautiful car, but according to several people on the net there were never a manual published especially for this.

How would one get a hold of the wiring diagram?

9th Apr 2008, 08:36

I downloaded a 928 S, S4, GT, & GTS repair manual from Tradebit for $20 bucks UU, Google it!

Yes it has a wiring diagram.

1984 Porsche 928 S 5.0L V8 from North America


One of the best cars ever built!


Oil leaks.

Torque tube bearings.

Cruise control module.

Rear hatch remote latch.

General Comments:

There is no other car available with this level of refinement, engineering, performance and sheer driving enjoyment for the price. The car was over $50,000 new in '85, I bought it for $12,500.

One very important thing to keep in mind is that regular maintenance must be followed as they are very sophisticated (complex) cars, and if given regular attention by a QUALIFIED TECHNICIAN they will provide many years of unparalleled enjoyment. Find someone who has experience with this model, have the car checked before you buy.

Parts are extremely expensive, insurance is twice that of the same year Corvette.

Sometime in the future I will buy a newer one.

It's worth spending more up front for a nicer car. You can spend $5000 in a heartbeat on basic repairs. But cars that have been maintained should give no troubles. Try to buy '87 or newer.

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Review Date: 13th November, 2000