1986 Porsche 928 5.0 from North America


928 ownership is not a


I purchased this car used from a dealer without knowledge of this marque or any pre purchase inspection. There were several iteams which needed attention when purchased. These were:

Air Conditioning: New AC Clutch.

Loose drivers side mirror: Re thread and mount.

Cracked Dash: Fill and redye.

Dry Leather Seats: Reconditioned and redye.

With a little work and NO dealership visits, I have made the car into a top ranking Concours show car and a great car to run at the track.

General Comments:

For a car that cost 30% more than the next model and depreciated 30% faster than the other models of this manufacturer, it is one great steal.

Parts are expensive and one should either be well versed in mechanics or have a 928 knowledgeable shop do the work. Shop around for parts, do not use the dealership when possible.

Keep the timing belt tensioned properly and this car can last for many many hundred thousand miles.

I have restored many Jaguars in the past and have since given up the hobby because the 928 was 2000 times easier to work on. Parts are cheaper and reliability is unquestionable in comparison.

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Review Date: 3rd November, 2002

17th Nov 2004, 19:42

I also own a Jaguar XJS convertible V12. These cars are electrical nightmares. I am currently in the process of selling the Jaguar and buying a 928...I hope that the Porsche will get better than 13 mpg.

4th May 2005, 19:59

Hey I currently own a 1984 Porsche 928s. I bought it at a used car dealer while in Iraq. I saw it on line and feel in love with this black beauty. Once I returned home the car wasn't as nice as pictured. The seats were in terrible condition. The tan was cracked and a part of a baseball glove was used as a patch. I'm not kidding. The carpet was was, but it looked black. The person who owned the car did not take care of it at all. I spent 1350 on the interior. I went with brown and tan 2tone seats. The carpet is brown with tan trim. The dash is also brown. Another 1800 went to the transmission. Next I will paint the car a light tan. I love this car and Its my dream to fix it up and enjoy my money's worth.