1993 Porsche 928 GTS 5.4L V8 from North America


Torque, handling, comfort. The ultimate land shark.


Water pump at 32K miles. This is a bit early for a 928 water pump to go. They are the weak point of the car, but they usually last closer to 60K. The reason this one failed is that it has a plastic impeller on a metal shaft. The plastic had shrunk a bit and was spinning freely on the end of the shaft. The new one, which I was told was actually the older design, has a more sensible metal impeller on the metal shaft. As with all 928 water pump changes, the timing belt was also changed, and in this case a timing belt pulley as well. All other belts and hoses were replaced at the same time, for convenience.

Front brakes were done around the same time.

Passenger side mirror glass is losing its silvering.

The tire pressure sensors indicate low pressure unless the tires are about 10psi over inflated. According to 928 experts, this system never worked correctly.

The front tires tend to wear quickly on the inside edges. Again, it's apparently normal for this model.

Maintenance is expensive for two reasons. One, parts are very high quality and priced accordingly. Two very few mechanics (even "Porsche experts") know the car well; and as complex and different as it is, expertise is critical.

General Comments:

The power, and especially the torque, of this car are incredible. If you don't think torque counts, you need to test drive a GTS.

The handling is likewise fantastic. The car steers perfectly without oversteer or understeer.

Despite being a muscle car, it's also rather practical. The hatch back cargo area has a good deal of room, and folding down the rear seats allows quite a bit of carrying capacity. While not comfortable for adult rear seat passengers, the 2+2 arrangement is great for two adults and two children.

This car is certainly not for everyone; it's fairly expensive to maintain and run, and it's not (yet) respected as it should be. For those who like 928s, though, the GTS is the pinnacle. Other than the water pump and tire pressure sensors, every problem the earlier 928s had has been fixed in the GTS; and all the things that made earlier 928s great are still in the GTS, or have been enhanced. The new Corvettes come close in that they have finally moved to a transaxle based drive-train. They're still not Porsche's, though.

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Review Date: 11th April, 2002

13th Nov 2002, 10:42

Uneven tire wear is not normal. These cars are very tricky to align correctly and alignments must be done by mechanics who know how to do it correctly. The car cannot be lifted (to replace tires for example) and then put on the alignment rack. The suspension must settle and it may take up to 20-30 miles of driving. My last alignment was my best ever and I have perfect tire wear, but it took the mechanic 2+ hours. He knows 928's and has been working on them since they were introduced in the late 80's.