19th Mar 2007, 13:05

Sounds like the original poster bought what in the car show circuit is known as a trailer queen. Porsches are meant to be driven, which is why a lot of people use them for commuter cars around here.

My recommendation is for hiim to join a Porsche club and talk to other owners. Once he hears of their experiences and how their cars aren't keyed everytime they go to the mall (a fear I once had with my first BMW) he should loosen up.

20th Mar 2007, 08:21

It sounds like this is a dream situation, hope it doesn't break. I've considered for several years to buy one of these, but I've never really found any that fits my specifications. There are many cheap ones around that I would'nt touch with a pole since they are driven to the ground. The worst ones are the 'restored' ones with a shiny appearance, but that are rotten to the core. Does it have service records? I mean Porsche service bills are steep and many secondary owners never bothered to service these cars properly. Any hidden rust under all that shiny paint? Or that slighly smoking engine, what are the actual mileage on this car you say?

Buying old Porches like this is a risky sport and it's easy to get stinged.

I've considered a couple a examples that are low mileage, with know history and in documented good condition. But they are priced astronomically for a 15 year old car. I mean I can get a near new S2000 (which I bought) for the same money and they are also great drivers car. I wish you good luck with one of the greatest cars ever built. Hope it will service you flawlessly.

21st Mar 2007, 05:46

I have many of the service records, but not all. The car was owned by one person, and two dealers. It appears from CARFAX that the dealers put only about 600 combined miles on it.

I am taking it to the Porsche dealership this week so they can check everything out (gulp!). My father, who I consider pretty wise, only saw pictures of it. He and I went together to pick it up, and he was blown away. He's a difficult man to impress, but he was all superlatives after driving it home.

He purchased a tired 1983 back in 1993. He had some issues, including being stranded, so his skepticism, while warranted, were a little exaggerated. Again, though, he was effusive in his praise, feeling that I "done good."

We'll see, though. The Porsche dealership may see it very differently. And my bank account may quickly dwindle.

Thanks for all your comments and observations!


21st Mar 2007, 09:16

Perhaps it is a bit of a trailer queen. But conversing with other 928 S4 adherents, my fears are well founded. The car can be a money pit. I will post what the mechanic's findings are in a few days, and then you can attach whatever label you choose.

Fearing respect from others is not being overly cautious, at least not in America. While I will not make this a forum on mass-market psychology, I definitely believe there is little respect paid to the infinite care some take as their responsibility after a big-ticket purchase. If kids and adults can't maintain their credit, what makes you think they will watch how wide their doors swing when rushing into the mall to make another high-interest credit card purchase at the mall?

Short-sightedness is blindness where I come from.

21st Mar 2007, 10:39

Just make sure the Porsche dealer has had/now has NO relationship with this car whatsoever. They will "hide things" if they think you'll come back to have the car serviced there.

2nd Jul 2007, 18:31

My wife and I went to see a 928 S4 for sale and ended up buying it like small children after a candy. Some issues (have to crawl under the car and changed all lubricating fluids and found leaks) with some leaks (1/2 teaspoon after a long hard drive), radiator under high pressure (fixed by myself), weeping ATF from power steering pump (soon be repaired by a mechanic if not, myself. Even with these challenges, my wife and I still like the car, specially when we have to cruise to the ROCKIES (Jasper, Alberta, Canada) about 3 hours drive from our home in Edmonton. All of the comments, like head turner, perma-grin inducer, and also makes your heart-beat slightly faster. Over all, we like it!!! Good Luck to other owners!!!

29th Jul 2007, 18:29

Congrats on the purchase and I commend you for keeping the car in good condition and not wasting the car's life commuting. Save the car for fun driving! Road trips, cruise nights, going out on the town. Nothing is worse than walking out to your car in a parking lot to find it has been hit by some a**hole who left no note. I say keep it in the garage! Drive a Honda to work/grocery store.

11th Nov 2009, 03:23

What happened to this 928? Was it OK or did it break your heart? I've just bought a 928 S4 and it's a great car, but has cost me UK £1500 in the first 2 months.

16th Oct 2011, 05:07

I recently purchased a 928 S4. Like almost all used cars of this age, a little money has to be spent to bring it up to snuff. Overall after 3500 invested to install tires, new power steering hoses, alignment, service and electrical repairs, this car is great! I have owned a 993, and the 928 is a lot easier to drive. It is also very comfortable on the highway. The V8 sounds great (especially once the cats were removed), and it goes like crazy. I have had it for about 5 months, but I am very happy with this car. I am trying to figure out how it got such a bad knock? What a bargain.