14th Jun 2001, 22:04

I would like to disagree with the previous 2 comments about the S2... but I can't! I own a 1989 S2 and every time I drive it I get out with a smile on my face. The car inspires confidence all the time, especially when pushing it through a series of bends, it sticks to the road like glue. It never ceases to amaze me each time I press the loud pedal to exit the corner, it sticks, sticks and then sticks some more!

The interior is well laid out, and extremely comfortable whilst still keeping you in place when you're having a bit of fun. It feels as though someone has made a car just for me. With regard to the ICE, I have a top of the range Sony unit with the luxury pack speakers and it sounds superb and is easily loud enough and distortion free even at high speed.

With the exception of oil, which it tends use at an alarming rate, although still within the manufacturers tolerance, I find the running costs very reasonable. It is serviced twice a year and this cost around 200 pounds each time, tyres are Pirelli and cost around 120 pounds and last me for 10000 miles. Even the petrol consumption is not excessive, returning around 20mpg on average, (it drops to around 8 when on the track!).

I would recommend the S2 to anyone.

7th Sep 2002, 03:47

I too have an '89 S2, and again, mine uses oil at an alarming rate, but still within the manufacturers tolerances. About 1.5 liters per 1000km. However, you must drive it very hard as I get an average of more like 30-35 mpg!! According to the manual you should be able to get 40+ mpg at a constant speed of 56 mph.

5th Jan 2003, 13:04

I own late 1991 S2 and my experiences with the car are much the same as the previous comments. I can only add that I have had no repair bills as of yet and despite the terrible weather we are having at the moment it continues to perform brilliantly. My only slight problem was with a sticking tailgate which I fixed by cleaning the locks.

The car uses almost no oil although I probably don't use it as hard as the previous people who have commented. I would agree that road roar from the tyres is a little tiresome on the motorway, but I'm usually having too much fun to notice it.

The car is a classic and these days they are extremely cheap to own. Running costs can be contained using a friendly specialist although the OPC can be reasonable for some jobs.

To close can I just say that if you have between £5000- £8000 to spend on a sports car then there is no better car to buy. An imprezza Turbo may be quicker overall, but it's a tinny Jap saloon!! If you have soul buy a car with soul. S2.

9th Feb 2003, 05:53

Oil Consumption.

I owned a 944 for 5 years and noticed the following on oil consumption.

When using synthetic oil, consumption increased alarmingly to about 1.5l/1000miles and the engine (which had only done 50k) smoked on acceleration. Could not see it inside the car, but friends following me took great delight in informing me of the problem.

Changed to semi-synthetic (available from any Audi dealer for £10 a can) and changed oil and filter every 5k. Result, no more smoke and consumption reduced to 1l/5000 miles.

Engine was still strong and reliable 40k/5 years later when the car was written off due to a minor shunt. Beware, front end panels are outrageously expensive to replace.

18th Jul 2007, 15:42

Just bought a 944 S2 cab 91 model, FSH with 94000 on the clock.

What a fantastic car. I love it; the looks you get with the top down, the speed and thrill of driving it, just brilliant.

For a 16 year old car, it knocks spots any other cab on the market, and even my wife loves it now after saying 'why waste all that money when I can have a new kitchen!'...

Well, I can live without the kitchen, but not the S2 (and not the wife, soppy I know).


25th Jul 2009, 16:29

Aloha from Hawaii. I like what I've been reading from all the previous owners as I have been on the hunt for a 944 S2 Cabrio for over 10 years. I finally found one that is in immaculate shape with 54k miles and will be purchasing her next week. Ever since drove one in the 1990, I loved it, but never could get my hands on a Cabrio... and the ones that I've seen up till now have been poorly taken car of... not this one. I look forward to picking her up and letting everyone know what she's like.

28th Jul 2010, 02:45

My name is Tod Meuir, and if ever there was a true Porsche purist, it would be myself as I've owned everything from 944, 944 S, 944 S2, 911 twin, Boxster S, 928 S, etc and I can assure by far that my favorite has got to be the 944 S2... The car truly has a soul and proudly exerts razor sharp precision, whether simply cruising or hitting the twisties at high revs... I love the car!!!

23rd Oct 2010, 15:59

I enjoyed reading everyone's comments for a couple of years. They helped me decide to make an offer on a red two owner 1989 S2 with 41000 miles.

This summer I flew to Alberta from Ontario to see it, and fell for it right away. The car looks as new. Interior is a light beige colour - not everyone's taste - but it does not show dust like black does.

It may seem greedy as I already own a superb red 1985.5 944 with 40000 miles and love it. But the S2 is so much more car - greater brakes, some suspension bits and of course the massive 3 litre engine. I can't wait to fly back to take delivery and drive it home. It will be an interesting trip - a drive across the Canadian prairies in mid November, followed by the 2 days it takes to round the Great Lakes.

21st Dec 2012, 17:30

I have to agree with all the positive comments about the 944 S2. Porsche got this one right with good performance 208 HP and MPG at 25 plus on regular unleaded. I feel engaged when I am driving one, and the Cabriolet is unique and you see so few of them around. Great fun on twisting roads, and a dependable three season driver. FM radio reception is my only complaint, but I am content to listen to the car's own music.

The low production numbers will make these very collectible in the future. I have two of the 16 first year 1989 S2 Cabrio's with Porsche COA's (Certificates of Authenticity), VIN #s 05 and 07. Both cars came off the assembly line the same day, are identical Guards Red totally stock with the same options.