21st Jan 2009, 13:12

Many German brands are in the toilet these days, with respect to quality and durability. Porsche is no different. Both the Boxster and the 911 share a basic engine design that is fatally flawed. Something to do with the cranks. Also, real main seals, porous cases, etc. The engines are disposable boat anchors when something breaks because the factory won't let the dealers work on them. They make them replace the engine as a whole component.

The only exceptions are the top end cars like the 911 Turbo, GT2, and GT3 which have a different engine.

I love Porsche cars, but won't buy anything newer than a 1995 model year. After that, they lost quality to the point where the risk out-weighs the rewards of ownership.

12th Sep 2010, 10:50

I had a Boxster 2.7 from new in around 2001. I sold it a couple of years ago because I was always concerned at the potential expense of any repair.

I had 3 replacement rear main seals, the first two under warranty, the third as a goodwill gesture after I complained. The excuse was that I had never until that point had the 'latest' seal design.

I also had a wheel bearing replaced at about 20,000 or less and there were signs of it failing again (it didn't like the summer heat). The roof was fraying at the point of folding, the back plastic window never folded correctly and the roof would sometimes fail to close properly.

I'm glad I bought it as it was always my dream to own a Porsche, unfortunately the problems and worry were simply not worth it. I'm happy with my Seat Leon now.

29th Sep 2010, 07:06

It does beg the question, when Porsche, the masters of quality, and yes I owned a concours 1983 911 in my time, can't seem to deliver consistent satisfaction on this survey, check out Aston Martin for more horror stories. Further, we all appear to have been led down the garden path with modern cars that can send you broke on parts, when much of the car still looks like new.

I have an Audi S6 for a daily driver, and it has been relatively reliable. Even still, $3,000-$4,000 was the maintenance cost last year, and that is without a killer belt change, which is due next year.

My weekend toy is a magnificent re built from the ground up TR8 Triumph; it is more like Darth Vader than an original British product; essentially every part was replaced back in 1989 by proper engineers, not the fools in the UK in the 70's!

That said, the car is easy and cheap to run, despite English parts & reliability (all be it I have had no dramas). Why is there no fuel injection, no electric windows, no air conditioning, no electric mirrors, no electric seats, no air suspension, no ceramic brakes, in fact not much at all.

The 700kg with 225hp also ensures it will keep pace with a Boxster on the charge, despite lacking sophistication.

Don't get me wrong, Boxsters are lovely, as was my old Maserati Ghibli, but the older, and probably richer I get, the more I question what value luxury cars will have in the future when they are 10+ years old. A friend's father just replaced the air suspension in a S Class Benz for $15K, effectively 40% of the value of the second hand car, which he had owned from new at the 10 year mark! Simplicity has its virtues, and I think if my S6 missed 1/2 its costly gadgets, my world would not be a worse place!