2006 Porsche Cayenne Turbo S 4.5 twin turbo from UK and Ireland


Great hobby car as long as the engine is sound, but you need a reliable daily driver


Had DTCs for various air leaks, lean faults, timing on Bank 1 and over boost codes. Also the transmission would have faults after 20 minutes with PRND all lit up at once with very poor shift quality.

Parking sensors occasionally refuse to work.

Loud tapping on passenger side of engine at idle, was intermittent, now constant.

General Comments:

The fixes (so far) are cheap enough.

Air leaks, lean code and transmission fault fixed due to vacuum hose at the rear of the engine which was disconnected. Just reconnected and all was good.

Engine timing bank 1 code and tapping resolved with hydraulic valve lifter cleaner.

You'll spend plenty of time tinkering under the bonnet, where it's easy to break a heat hardened vacuum line.

Another air leak now (between MAF and throttle body again). I'm taking the car off the road so I can replace all the vacuum hoses, diverter valves etc.

Tyres are reasonably priced, but the front brakes are stupid expensive being the Turbo S, but I knew that going in.

Fuel economy over 2k miles is over 18 MPG.

Love the looks of the Turbo S when all kitted out with the Porsche body kit.

The drive is initially disappointing, but put the suspension low, and the shocks into Sport (assuming smooth roads) and press on and it's so very much better. Interior build quality is very good, but I have a corrosion on the leading edge of the body and one of the rear doors.

Great hobby car as long as the engine is sound, but you need a reliable daily driver.

I've decided to keep my one long term as it's not worth very much.

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Review Date: 2nd August, 2018

2005 Porsche Cayenne S V8 from North America


Porsche; there may be a substitute


First problem I encountered was at the dealer. I have never seen salesmen that act like they don't need to sell cars. At first, I thought it was me, but my friend had trouble purchasing a 911 turbo, and had to threaten to have his attorney get involved with the transaction. They then started acting like they had some sense.

The one thing the dealers never inform the buyers of, is the horrible gas mileage. You will need to change brakes every 12000 miles, and tires every 10000 miles, and that's pushing it. You need to understand that this is a very heavy SUV.

The SUV ran fine until 34000 miles. I didn't have stereo problems because I changed my system for a Alpine DVD/nav system.

My power steering pump went out not once but twice, and the dealer wanted to put me in a Toyota Corolla for a loaner. I said, "no thanks, I'll drive my Bimmer".

The ignition coil went out twice; once at 35000 miles, and then at 70000 miles. Finally, one day the transmission started shifting rough out of 1st gear; that's when I thought hauling my boat around with this SUV had caught up with me. This was a easy fix; just replace the gear oil.

General Comments:

This is a very fast SUV, the ride is comfortable, and the Porsche still gets respect for a 7 year old vehicle. Handling is good, and great for long trips pulling a trailer. The truck has never left me stranded, and when 22 inches of snow hit my area, the Porsche drove like it was on dry land.

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Review Date: 21st July, 2012

22nd Jul 2012, 12:29

Sorry to hear your Porsche was unreliable for you... I guess I'll just keep driving my Toyota Corolla! 70,000 miles and no issues!

What a pain that you had to change the brake pads every 12,000 miles... my Corolla has the original pads and rotors at 70,000 miles, and they still have another 35,000 miles left!

Tires every 10,000 miles? Gosh... my first set of tires lasted 57,000 miles.

But you must be right, a Corolla is a terrible car, so I guess I'll trade it in on a BMW... HA!

11th Jun 2015, 14:30

... and that's why you drive a Toyota and we drive a Porsche.