2004 Proton Gen-2 1.6 from Australia and New Zealand


Brilliant. I'd buy another Proton


So far, this car has been brilliant.

I can't say that anything mechanical has gone wrong.

It gives the appearance and feel of a reliable, solid vehicle.

General Comments:

Although I have only had the car a short while, it would seem to be the most comfortable car that I have come across recently.

The seats, especially the front passenger side, are extremely comfortable, with ample leg room - even for the tallest of passengers. The absence of a glove-box in the front passenger side is added room, without losing any significant storage space.

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Review Date: 10th November, 2004

19th Nov 2004, 02:55

Still early to conclude;a lot of things to share especially what happen in Malaysia. Proton must have good quality control for national and international market.

29th Jan 2005, 03:05

Very early to say gen 2. the sales have staggered in november to december.

14th Mar 2005, 17:41

Don't jump into conclusion too fast. Test the Gen2 for a year until you reach 50k km (Warranty expired). Then come back with comments. Anything new, most of the time is good.

2004 Proton Gen-2 1.6 petrol from Malaysia


Quality has to be assured


The doors were automatically locked and cannot be unlocked, trapping me in the car for hours thanks to its flawed alarm system.

The rain drops on the roof and also on the cushions, even though the doors and windows are shut in heavy rain.

Noise from the drive shaft, which is unacceptable for a new car.

General Comments:

Good interior light and dashboard design as they are enlightened by Lotus.

But Proton learned the wrong way to design its headlights.

Campro engine delivers good power after 80km/h. It's like underpowered before 80km/h, probably due to its ECU setting in order to save the fuel consumption.

Good handling, poor back view.

Too many defects on a car which is supposed to be good according to Proton's specification.

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Review Date: 9th November, 2004

4th Jan 2005, 20:39

How did you get out and how come you could not get out?

16th Feb 2005, 23:23

I don't understand how could a person buy a car without visiting a showroom. One must visit and sit in the car they like many times and observe what it has to offer before deciding to buy one! I bought it because I like the way it is built and had thought of it many times too before I bought one! I also visited many car models also too.