1st May 2005, 22:48

Gen2 sucks.. Don't use.. I bought my Gen2 less than a year ago and it has been repaired many times.

31st May 2005, 00:08

Good looks, good ride and handling... no problem for me... well done proton. cheers.

13th Jul 2005, 08:12

Sorry, but I really can't believe it when you praise Gen-2.

Perhaps Proton is selling re-badged BMW or Mercedes at a discounted price in Australia???

Proton is a killer on Malaysian roads -- it is a very unsafe car, with no safety feature and poor passive safety measures. But who cares in Malaysia, as long as the government does not care.

7th Oct 2005, 05:48

Under powered? Not entirely true. The car is somewhat under powered between 1500-2500RPM, but once you get pass the 3000RPM mark, the engine is fine. The moment you go pass 4000RPM, better have your seat belts on because that is where the fun begins.

Extremely well handling and stable breaking - honestly I am impressed. No major problems with the car that you cannot get fixed if you spend a day in the service center.

It is far from a BMW or a Porsche, but performance wise, it is at least at good as those in its class if not much better. The only problem with Proton Gen2 is its QC but I can live with it - after all it is all fixed.

13th Oct 2005, 02:26

Protons for export markets are much better than that sold locally. In the cases of the original Proton and the subsequent Wira, the export market versions are made from thicker panels. Some use Mitsubishi dashboards because the one Proton made vibrates a lot. Local versions also loses safety features such as side airbags, traction control etc...

2nd May 2006, 19:49

My local gen 2 has not given me any trouble since buying it new in Oct 2005. Most of my colleagues' (teachers) new cars are gen 2's.

3rd Jul 2006, 11:46

Just bought Gen2 in early Jun 06 (car made in April 06 based on the sticker QC record). Based on Proton salesman, they said the 2006 model is much improved compared to the earlier batch.

So far I'm really enjoying this car.. just pushed it up to 130kmh only.. needed a highway, maybe next time to push it up to max, read others push it to 210kmh (but with lowered springs, and bigger rims).

No problems for me so far, even though keep hearing people saying so many bad thing about it... maybe earlier models..

The handling is superb.. best stock car in terms of hard cornering and handling... even the Vios is not as good as this.. so if you're thinking of buying gen2.. now is the time.. but do test drive and push it as you want.. and check everything before you sign the acceptance upon delivery of the car.. cheers Proton!

21st Aug 2006, 09:00


Currently I am waiting my GEN2 Enhanced Version delivered. I just need assurance after seeing all those uncomfortable comments. I appreciated somebody can give a good review about GEN2 Enhance version.

19th Nov 2006, 03:42

Believe me its all about luck. If you are lucky, you'll get a car with minor problems, but if you're unlucky everything about the car are your problems. The new version of gen2 is better than the first version, I can assured that.

14th Dec 2006, 08:12

Guys, does anyone have an evidence that the new batches of gen-2 are enhanced than the earlier one's?

I have heard this rumor few times, but nothing assures it on the internet or something. I appreciate if someone can confirm this information.


24th Dec 2006, 19:35

People tend to comment on bad things. If it is good, nobody seems care to said about it. It's normal though.

If you didn't see any bad comments on the second edition of Gen-2s, I think that it's okay. After all, Protons cars seem to get better with the new management line-up. Test drive it before you buy one.

29th Mar 2008, 23:54

I bought a Gen 2 in December last year so I have only had it for 4 months. I have had nothing but problems. It has gone into the workshop 3 times for the same things and still no joy. She drives nicely and is very comfortable but the problems are just endless. Wouldn't recommend it to anyone. Changing my Gen 2 for a Toyota, trusted and good quality.

Good luck to anyone who has one!


18th Mar 2009, 22:11

Hi All.

I bought my Proton Gen2 in February 2006. Since than I have experienced a lot of problems, which I had to go back numerous of times to fix the same problem over and over again.

On the car everything went wrong (air con, airbags, trims, squeaks, door handles, brakes).

It took the Proton dealer nearly two years to fix my airbag; there was an problem with it that they couldn’t figure out what it was. The airbag light kept coming on while driving.

All the doors are hard to shut. I had them fixing about ten times, and they still don’t get it right.

The service is one of the worst. Instead of fixing the car, they damage the car and they try to blame the problem on me. This is just a few of the problems I had with the car and their service. I would recommend anyone to think about twice before buying a Proton Gen2, surely I will never buy one again.

26th Feb 2012, 01:23

I had a 2004 Proton Gen 2 1.5 (A)... (I traded it with a Toyota Rush in 2009).

My Gen 2 was awful. Power window failure. Window at the driver's side 'dislocated' when I'm attempting to lower the window. Alarm goes off suddenly. The rubber lining on the doors falls down. And my car became a swimming pool while raining heavily.

The engine isn't so good after all. Still OK when normal driving, but not in travelling up the slope. In fact, I drove my Gen 2 to Genting before, I don't know if it was the gearbox's problem or what, but the car was moving so damn slow during up the slope. The gearbox is so insensitive, and I can only use the "L" gear... Even the huge buses travel faster than me. Ohmygawwddd :(