Gen-2 1.6 Campro

Aliff Aizat

141 words, Malaysia, 1 comment

Gen-2 1.6 petrol

Gen-2 is fairly a good car, but don't expect too much of it

84 words, Malaysia, 6 comments

Gen-2 Campro 1.6

Attractive looks, but very problematic

339 words, Malaysia, 14 comments

Gen-2 1.6MT 1.6

Good design, good handling, good power at high-rev, but everything else is terrible

1063 words, Malaysia, 24 comments


Very good

39 words, Malaysia, 1 comment

Gen-2 Mid 1.6 petrol

Powertrain refinement and usable performance from the past

239 words, Malaysia, 2 comments

Gen-2 1.6L

99 words, Malaysia, 4 comments

Gen-2 1.6

Brilliant. I'd buy another Proton

92 words, Australia and New Zealand, 17 comments

Gen-2 1.6 petrol

Quality has to be assured

124 words, Malaysia, 2 comments