2005 Proton Gen-2 Hatchback 1.6 campro from Malaysia


The best Proton car ever!!


Rust on the exhaust muffler tip.

Door handle is too tight and easily broken if you are a hard type of person.

Reversing is dangerous, because you have to be careful, because it's hard to see the oncoming obstacles.

Power windows problem (rear left) after three month of purchase, solved by the sales and service centre (warranty claim).

Alarm problem after three years.

Beware of speed bumps because the gear box oil is quite low and the gearbox did leak once.

General Comments:

Hello. I am the user of Proton Gen2 2005, bought it brand new, the colour is purple...

Love it very much, although the acceleration is quite low, it will drive you crazy when it is at high speed.

But beware, you better choose MT, because the AT usually has problems.

One problem I encountered when I received the Gen2 is the back power window.

For the exhaust problems, I changed to another sporty muffler, which is very attractive.

For the door handle, it takes some time to wait for the spare parts, but I don't mind because waiting for a Toyota Rav4 (2003 model) did take more than one month and was expensive.

For the alarm problem, I changed to an aftermarket alarm, which is more secure (it will beep if the car receives vibration). Now no more problems thank God.

The car must be well maintained, serviced at every 5km, and if you feel something is wrong, please go to your mechanic ASAP. Because problems must be rectified ASAP before it's too late...

If you are going to buy one, pray first. Hehehe

because I got the best Gen2 with minor problems.

Although I owned a Toyota Rav4 (haven't sold it yet) I still prefer using the Gen2 because the fuel consumption is lower than the Rav4, and it's more stable thanks to Lotus. Also, the speaker sound is nice (changed the boring Blaupunkt audio system to Sony DVD player), however it will be more attractive if it's equipped with a sunroof like my Rav4 hehehe.

Best of luck...

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Review Date: 23rd December, 2008

2005 Proton Gen-2 1.3 A 1.3 from Malaysia


An excellent car value for money



General Comments:

This car is so good to drive. It is quick and could go up any hill with ease even with 4 adults and 1 child. Is is roomy and feels solid. I would smile from ear to ear whenever I am driving. Ride and handling is excellent and the booth has room for a long vacation. Thanks proton for such a lovely car. My children like to look at it.

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Review Date: 28th December, 2005

15th Jan 2006, 00:22

Are you working for proton?

16th Jan 2006, 19:03

From proton gen 2 1.3 owner: I am a Secondary Science Teacher by Profession with 21 years experience. Gen 2 1.3 is an excellent car.

19th Jan 2006, 21:54

This your first car?

7th Feb 2006, 07:54

It's great car, but the suspension... not good. had to change it. mind u, I'm not one who speeds. after first accident. started to give sounds when turning. like something is loose.